Why Does My Dog Bark at Motorcycles?


Are you asking yourself, “Why does my dog bark at motorcycles?” If so, you have many options at your disposal. You can try to correct the behavior with a positive approach. For example, you should never allow your dog to engage in this normal behavior. You should take proactive measures and ensure that your dog does not see or hear any motorcycles. In addition, you can also use a deterrent to discourage your dog from engaging in this undesirable behavior.


While some dogs bark at motorcycles out of fear, many barking at motorcycles is actually a sign of protectiveness, a reaction that can be very frustrating for owners. The best way to combat this behavior is to make the biker your dog associates with an enjoyable experience. This can be done through play or affection. By providing positive associations, your dog will learn that the motorcycle is not a threat.

Excessive licking or yawning

Is your dog yawning or excessively licking his lips? If so, this could be a sign that your dog is stressed or anxious. This behavior is also known as appeasement, a behavioral strategy designed to reduce an animal’s aggression. Excessive yawning or licking might signal a dog is unsure of a command, which you should interpret and act on.


There are several reasons why your dog might be barking at motorcycles, including the threat of a stranger. Other dogs may bark for protective reasons such as protecting their family, house, or backyard. The behavior has been around for centuries, and there is no clear answer to why motorcycles would cause your dog to react this way. Nevertheless, you can use proactive measures to correct this problem and teach your dog that motorcycles are not a threat.


Flooding your home is one way to combat your dog’s fear of motorcycles. It can be effective but has low success rates and comes with many risks. One of the risks is that flooding can worsen your dog’s fear. But here are a few things you should know before flooding your home. In some cases, flooding can even worsen the problem. So how do you deal with flooding?

Excessive barking

Some dogs bark at motorcycles to protect their home and family. The behavior is not new, however, and it has been documented throughout history. If your dog continues to bark at motorcycles, you must take proactive steps to stop this problem and train your dog to associate the sound of motorcycles with positive things. You can teach your dog that motorcycles are not dangerous by playing with it or petting it. If you have a motorcycle, you should stop the barking immediately, and you can introduce it to other types of playmates and people as well.

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