Why Do Dogs Hate Motorcycles?


Many reasons may explain why dogs dislike motorcycles. The noise, size, and air horns may scare your pet, but there’s also the question of a dog’s territorial instinct. A fearful dog is more likely to act aggressively than a bored or scared dog, and a motorcycle can be both intimidating and boring for your dog. Read on to discover the reasons why your dog hates motorcycles.

Air horns scare dogs

Using air horns to scare dogs on motorcycles is a great way to protect yourself and your pet from being attacked by a motorcyclist. Not only do these horns scare off coyotes and wolves, but they also startle less aggressive dogs, giving you an opportunity to yell, “Go home!” or squirt them with a water bottle. Some cyclists also carry pepper spray in case of an attack. However, Berman recommends a dog horn. These devices are small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and deliver a high-pitched, powerful sound to scare off any approaching dog.

Smaller size

Motorcycles and dogs don’t mix well. Motorcycles are loud and emit exhaust. Dogs’ heightened sense of smell and hearing make them think motorcycles are a threat and react accordingly. They can detect human emotions through smell and use their super sense of hearing to determine whether they should be afraid of a motorcycle or not. Dogs have over 220 million scent receptors compared to humans’ five million.

Loud noise

Motorcycles cause fear in dogs. Motorcycles create loud noise and exhaust, and the resulting noise can cause a dog’s natural fight-or-flight response, causing the animal to react aggressively. Dogs also have heightened hearing and smell senses, making the sounds a threat. Motorcycles cause this type of reaction in dogs because they can hear and smell human emotions, and because dogs have 220 million scent receptors compared to humans’ five million.

Territorial instinct

When a motorcycle enters their territory, a dog’s instincts kick in, causing them to react with territorial aggression. Motorcycle exhaust is unpleasant to humans, but for dogs, it causes extreme distress and upset. A motorcycle’s engine vibrations unnerve nearby dogs, disrupting their balance. Because dogs have such heightened senses, they respond with aggressive behavior and bark in order to protect their territory. They also feel threatened by loud noises and may even chase a motorcycle to make it stop.

Poor training

Motorcycles can scare dogs, resulting in their territorial instincts to become aggressive. Motorcycles are loud and smelly, causing dogs to feel threatened and may even chase them if they’re in their territory. Dogs are naturally fearful creatures, and it’s not surprising that their apprehension is compounded by poor training. Motorcycles also disrupt their balance, which can cause your dog to chase after them. The good news is that your dog will eventually accept the motorcycles.

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