Why Are Motorcycles So Cheap?


Many factors go into determining how cheap a motorcycle is, from the taxes to the fuel economy. You can also consider production costs and maintenance costs. The reason why motorcycles are cheap is a combination of all these factors. Motorcycles are less expensive than cars for many reasons, and California has the highest population density of motorcycles in the country. It is estimated that one in three Californians own a motorcycle. That is quite a large percentage.


Motorcycles are inexpensive because of their low cost of production and low taxes. They also save money on insurance and gas, two expenses that can easily eat into a budget. Buying a motorcycle is definitely a good idea for those who are looking to get out on the open road but aren’t ready to pay an exorbitant price for gas. Nevertheless, there are other reasons that make motorcycles a good option.

Fuel economy

As motorcycles have low emissions of CO2 and nitrogen oxides, they are also good candidates for fuel economy regulations. These regulations require new motorcycles to meet Euro 3 and Euro 4 emissions standards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles must meet the standards by 2025. In addition to these standards, motorcycles must meet emissions levels under the Clean Air Act. Using this data, motorcycle manufacturers can develop fuel economy and emission estimates.

Maintenance costs

It is no secret that motorcycles require more maintenance than cars. For example, a typical car tire will last between thirty and fifty thousand miles, but a motorcycle tire can only last between nine and eleven thousand miles, depending on the type of tire and your driving habits. It also depends on your riding habits, so a touring motorcycle tire may last for several years with moderate use. Listed below are a few things to consider before purchasing a motorcycle.

Production costs

Motorcycles are cheaper to manufacture than cars, which is a benefit to both motorcycle owners and the planet. Most motorcycles are smaller than cars and are manufactured with less resources. They also require less space for storage, so parking is not an issue. Compared to cars, motorcycles can fit in more parking spaces than cars. In cities, city parking can eat up your budget, so parking a motorcycle is much cheaper.


If you ride your motorcycle on a daily basis, you may be able to lower the cost of your policy by increasing your deductible or reducing the number of miles you drive. Other ways to save money on your motorcycle insurance coverage include enroling in a safety course or a motorcycle club. Insurance companies often offer discounts for these types of memberships. In addition, combining your motorcycle insurance with your other policies can lower your premiums.

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