Why Are Harleys So Loud?


If you own a Harley, you probably want to know why they’re so loud. It may surprise you that Harleys are not built to be super-noisy, but many owners do so on purpose. Stock Harleys only produce about 80 db, but the aftermarket exhaust systems can reach over 100 db! In fact, Harley-Davidson has subtly encouraged louder Harleys in the past by offering aftermarket modification packages when selling the bike.

The engine is designed in the shape of

The Harley Knucklehead engine is a classic example of a side-valve motorcycle engine. Known for its distinctive shape, it produced forty horsepower and was an improvement over the flathead designs. This engine remained the core of Harley-Davidson engine design for 65 years, and it became the heart of the revolutionary Model E. Harley riders nicknamed it “the Knucklehead” and continued to develop the engine to keep it in the shape of a Harley.

The Milwaukee-Eight is Harley’s ninth generation of “big twin” motorcycle engines. It features four valves per cylinder and eight valves. The engine is designed to be visually attractive and for artistic impressions. The Milwaukee-Eight engine is built in the shape of a Harley and has a V-shaped cylinder profile. These motorcycle engines are not for everyday use, but rather for high-end riding.

The exhaust system

It’s a commonly held belief that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are louder than most mass-produced bikes, but the truth is that Harleys are not that much louder than most other motorcycles. In fact, a Harley’s stock exhaust system can be quieter than most other motorcycles. However, Harley owners often replace stock exhaust systems with louder, non-regulated straight pipes. These modifications do not, however, reduce the amount of noise the Harley makes, but instead enhance its image.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel wrote a tepid story on the topic of Harley-Davidson bikes being too noisy. While Harley riders have long maintained that loud motorcycles save lives, some say the noise is necessary because other drivers cannot see motorcyclists. Moreover, the sound warns other drivers and can prevent a collision. Despite these claims, traffic safety experts have said that there is no conclusive evidence to support this theory.

Aftermarket exhaust systems

Aftermarket exhaust systems are one of the biggest reasons why Harleys are so noisy. A typical Harley exhaust can reach 80 decibels (dB), which is a lot of noise. Even though this isn’t an ideal noise level for your commute, it can alert drivers around you that you’re coming. Some Harley owners don’t care about the sound of their bikes; they’ll just increase the noise level because they want to make them louder.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to aftermarket exhaust systems for Harleys. The stock exhaust is very wimpy. If you want to add more volume to your Harley, you can install an aftermarket exhaust. However, if you’re not sure whether an aftermarket exhaust is right for your bike, you can watch reviews of different products on YouTube. Some people prefer trusted brands such as Vance & Hines, but there are also many other brands to choose from.

The “potato-potato” sound

There is a certain sound associated with Harleys. This low growl is the result of the timing between power strokes. It is also present on Vics, and Japanese cruisers sound like popcorn when their exhaust has been modified. In addition to the “potato-potato” sound, Harleys are also associated with the Harley logo. While there are many theories as to what causes this sound, Harleys are known for making it.

The “potato-potato.” sound of Harleys has been associated with older Evolution models and Shovelhead engine models. However, a Milwaukee-Eight engine makes a distinctive sound. There are a variety of ways to change the sound of a Harley Davidson, including custom pipes and tuning the bike. Some Harleys may also have drag pipes or other exhaust devices.

The 115th anniversary celebration

The 115th anniversary of Harley-Davidsons is coming up this Labor Day weekend, and the loudness is expected to be deafening. A resident of a New York City condominium said loud Harleys have made his summer evenings less pleasant, and he’d rather spend his time riding his motorcycle than listening to the noise. Luckily, Harley-Davidson is putting up new, low-end motorcycles to celebrate its 115th anniversary. One new motorcycle is the 2019 Street Bob, a bobber with a soft tail frame and mono shock inline suspension.

It’s not hard to see why Harley-Davidson’s sales have dropped in recent years, after President Donald Trump imposed a damaging trade war. While Harleys were once the darling of the American motorcycle industry, a number of motorcycle makers have failed to compete with them. In 1982, Harley-Davidson executives bought American sport bike maker Buell for $US80 million. However, they never really committed to that brand, and it didn’t last for long. In 2009, Harley executives ceased production of Buell motorcycles, and CEO Mike Vee was uninterested in the nameplate.

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