Who Makes Tracker ATVs?


In order to get a better idea of who makes Tracker ATVs, we should first discuss the company that produces them. We will look at Arctic Cat, Textron Motors, and their subsidiaries. All of these companies manufacture high-quality off-road vehicles. But which one makes the best one? This article will answer these questions and more. Then, we will discuss which features make Tracker ATVs different from other brands.


Tracker ATVs are manufactured by Arctic Cat, a subsidiary of Textron Inc., in Augusta, Georgia. Textron acquired Arctic Cat for $247 million in January 2017 for its Specialty Vehicles division and Cushman utility vehicles. Both companies are headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. Textron makes tracker ATVs in both Augusta, Georgia and St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Arctic Cat

If you’ve ever been to a Bass Pro Shop, you’ve probably seen Tracker boats, which are made by the same company. The success of these boats has translated well to the world of ATVs, too. The new Arctic Cat Tracker off road machines will sell in Bass Pro Shops throughout the U.S., as well as Cabela’s locations in many countries. The company hopes to replicate the success of their boat sales with the new product.

Textron Motors

While Polaris and Arctic Cat make ATVs, Textron Motors has built the TRACKER OFF ROAD in the United States. The company plans to launch its first product this spring. The company has also partnered with several non-UTV brands to rebrand their existing models and develop new models. Textron has also tapped into a network of marine and outdoor apparel distributors. Polaris and Can-Am have recently acquired boating companies.

Textron’s subsidiaries

Earlier this year, Bass Pro Shops and Textron announced a partnership that will see the company produce Tracker Off Road all-terrain vehicles for the retailer. The two companies will work together to market the Tracker Off Road vehicles to consumers, while Textron will produce the engines for the vehicle. The Textron-Bass Pro partnership is one of the most powerful in the automotive industry, but what makes this relationship so successful?

St. Cloud, Minnesota

In addition to making the TRACKER OFF ROAD off-road vehicles, Textron also produces Snow machines and Cessna aviation. As a result, Tracker Off Road vehicles are assembled in the United States. Textron sources parts from domestic and foreign vendors to build quality off-road vehicles. These vehicles are sold at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. For more information about Tracker Off Road vehicles, visit the company’s website.

Augusta, Georgia

Originally manufactured in Asia, TRACKER all-terrain vehicles are now produced in Augusta, Georgia, by Textron Specialized Vehicles. However, the company is now expanding production in the U.S., including a plant in Minnesota. A third US location will be built in Augusta, Georgia, which has a lower cost base. Tracker also uses American and foreign components to make the vehicles.

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