Who Makes Harley Syn3 Oil?


If you’re considering replacing the engine oil in your Harley Davidson, you’ve probably wondered: Who makes Harley Syn3 oil? You’ve probably seen ads for the product and read about its benefits. But what’s so special about it? How does it differ from other types of motorcycle oil? Read on to find out! Listed below are the benefits of SYN3 oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles.


SUNOCO manufactures Harley Syn3 oil for motorcycles. The motorcycle oil has been specifically developed to fit the specifications of the acclaimed brand. As the name suggests, it is a synthetic oil, designed to maximize power efficiency while preventing wear and tear on the engine. Developed by Albert, the oil meets the strict specifications of Harley Davidson. Sunoco manufactures the product, which is also available for other makes of motorcycles.

It is fully synthetic and has excellent temperature and corrosion resistance. Unlike mineral oil, which increases damage when exposed to higher temperatures, synthetic engine oil lasts a year or 20,000 miles between oil changes. This claim is tantalizing, especially when compared to the fact that the SUNOCO motorcycle oil has passed head-to-head testing against AMSOIL and other popular brands. The results were consistent and the company is confident that its synthetic oil is the best choice for motorcycle users.


AMSOIL’s synthetic motor oil is an excellent choice for Harley Davidson motorcycles. It’s formulated to protect and preserve the engine and eliminates harmful carbon deposits, sludge, and wear. AMSOIL motorcycle oil is SAE 60, which means it provides maximum protection against wear and prevents the formation of damaging sludge and carbon deposits. It is also extremely durable, providing the bike with extended service life.

The MSDS sheet for SYN3 motorcycle oil provides details about its composition and performance. While it is 60% synthetic, it contains petroleum-based components, which makes it not fully synthetic. The company should be upfront about this fact when advertising their product. The manufacturer’s own website says it is fully synthetic, whereas RedLine, Mobil-1, and Amsoil are all fully synthetic. Harley Davidson has disclosed bearing skid problems, which could have been prevented with a high-quality, high-performance motorcycle oil.

Mobil 1

Synthetic motorcycle oil is an excellent choice for Harley owners. It is formulated to give your bike optimal performance in extreme conditions. It prevents overheating, reduces friction, and prevents rust. Synthetic oils are not budget-friendly, but they offer many of the same benefits of conventional motor oil. Unlike conventional oils, Mobil 1’s Syn3 offers superior protection against heat and wear. It is highly viscous and helps prevent deposits and sludge.

This high-performance motorcycle oil from Mobil offers exceptional protection for Harleys. The synthetic composition of Mobil 1 makes it exceptionally beneficial for 4-cycle V-twin engines. It flows exceptionally well at low temperatures, reducing start-up wear. It also resists changes in oil due to increased temperatures. Mobil1 provides exceptional protection against the stresses that increased speed and temperature place on your engine. Using Mobil 1 Syn3 motorcycle oil will help keep your bike running at peak performance levels.

Spectro R HDPG6

For six-speed transmissions, the spectro R HDPG6 Harley Syn 3 oil can solve your problem. This heavy-duty, synthetic lube can provide smooth gear shifting without a noticeable clunk. High-performance six-speed bikes can be noisy, so using the spectro oil is crucial to the smooth operation of the transmission. The oil meets all OEM warranty requirements and is highly recommended for use on Harley-Davidson bikes.

The Spectro R HDPG6 engine lubricant contains superior agents that prevent sludge from forming. These agents provide optimal protection and prolong engine life. Harley Davidson engines produce a lot of heat. This lubricant is designed to prevent dissipation, even at the highest temperatures. It is an ideal choice for high-output bikes.

Red Line Syn3

Designed for the most demanding conditions, Harley-Davidson’s SYN3 motorcycle oil is composed of 60% synthetic content and 40% petroleum base. While the brand calls SYN3 “full synthetic,” it is actually only 60% synthetic. Other brands of motorcycle oils, such as Mobil-1 and RedLine, are fully synthetic. Despite its high price tag, this oil has a reputation for achieving superior performance and safety.

The power transfer from the engine to the transmission is through the main drive gear. Blue marks on the gear indicate high heat and wear in the center of the teeth. When my bike first started to show signs of blue wear, I was running Syn 3 oil. Fortunately, I discovered another product I could use: Red Line Harley Syn3 oil. It is a cult favorite for big air-cooled V-twins.

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