Who Makes Harley Davidson Motor Oil?


There are a variety of brands of motorcycle oil available, but one of the best oils for a Harley Davidson is a product by one of the companies that manufactures these motorbikes. In addition to Harley Davidson oil, other brands make oils for motorcycles that are similar to Harley Davidsons. While there is no universal brand of motorcycle oil, these oils are mostly compatible with different models based on their formulation, effect on the engine, and user reviews.


Sunoco makes Harley Davidson motor oil specifically for four-stroke engines. This synthetic oil provides triple protection for your engine against corrosion, temperature, and wear. The brand also produces a synthetic blend oil, Shell Rotella, which has an SAE of 5W-40. There are good and bad things about Harley Davidson oil, but it is the brand that has been around for decades. Here are some benefits and drawbacks.

The SUNOCO Company was founded in 1886 by Edward O. Emerson, Joseph N. Pew, and Philip Pisano. The company operates more than seven hundred Sunoco gas stations. Sunoco is a privately held company. It is controlled by Energy Transfer Partners, which employs Joseph King as CEO. Sunoco uses a proprietary process to produce motorcycle oil that meets the specific specifications of the Harley-Davidson brand.


Castrol makes Harley Davidson oil for a variety of models, including touring bikes. The company also offers motorcycle oil designed specifically for the purpose of Harley-Davidson engines. This motorcycle oil has a viscosity of about 50 units, which is appropriate for most Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It also contains additives that improve combustion processes inside the engine pipes. This type of oil can be purchased in one, three, or four-quart bottles, depending on the model and its mileage.

It is recommended to use a high-quality synthetic oil on your Harley. This type of oil is beneficial to the manufacturer and works properly in your bike’s engine. Because Harleys are manufactured in different types of engine, you should know which kind of engine oil you should use. Pan head motorcycles require an oil suitable for the engine, while V Twin motorcycles need a different type of oil. If you’re unsure, you can try a web search for good alternatives.


If you’re not a motorcycle fanatic, Valvoline has a solution for you. It makes Harley Davidson oil for both motorcycles and other motor vehicles. This oil coats the walls of the engine well enough to keep it cool while reducing heat. Another bonus is that it doesn’t leave a synthetic smell or stickiness. It also doesn’t stain or damage piping. If you’re looking for the best Harley Davidson oil, try Valvoline VR1 – the bestselling motorcycle oil!

This brand of Harley Davidson oil is available in different viscosities and temperatures. You can choose a one, three, or four quart bottle for your bike’s model. Full synthetic motorcycle oil is ideal for performance motorcycles with high RPMs and temperatures. It is also made with advanced additives and cleaning agents that prevent deposits and maximize performance. Just make sure that you store it in a place that is cool and protected from the hot sun or freezing temperatures.


If you have a Harley Davidson, you might be wondering what kind of motorcycle oil to use. There are several options available, and each has its own set of advantages. AMSOIL motorcycle oil is a good choice because it can help your bike run cooler. The company’s proprietary fluid formulas are designed to be effective in a wide range of conditions, including motorcycles that receive a lot of abuse.

The synthetic oil that AMSOIL produces is similar to that used by the Harley Davidson motorcycle company. In fact, it costs about the same as the Harley brand. And you can save a few dollars by using a dealer rather than buying it online. AMSOIL motorcycle oil is available at most Harley-Davidson dealers, and can be purchased at much lower prices than retail stores. If you have a Harley-Davidson, you can consult the recommendations at the dealership and compare their products.

Shell Rotella

There are two types of motorcycle oil: conventional and synthetic. A conventional oil carries the JASO MA/MA 2 standard, and a synthetic oil has a higher phosphorus content. Both types are suitable for use in Harley Davidson motorcycles. A synthetic oil meets API CI-4 PLUS specifications and is designed for motorcycles with no catalytic converter. While old-fashioned motorcycle oils can be considered junk, it is important to use high-quality, motorcycle-specific oil to avoid damage to your Harley.

While conventional oils are less expensive, synthetic oil has superior performance and is generally the best choice for most motorcycles. Synthetic oil is also highly recommended for older Harley Davidson motorcycles and high-performance bikes. In addition to enhancing fuel economy, synthetic oil also features advanced anti-wear additives to improve gear protection and increase engine reliability. Shell Rotella makes Harley Davidson oil for the following applications:

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