Who Makes Harley Davidson Helmets?


Who makes Harley helmets? That is a question that has long plagued Harley enthusiasts. On Harley-Davidson forums, a discussion was prompted asking, “Who makes Harley helmets?” Many owners and enthusiasts responded with the news that multiple motorcycle helmets branded as Harley were being manufactured elsewhere. Some of these helmets were being labeled as being made in Korea or Malaysia. While there are no solid answers for this question, there are several theories that may help you decide on which helmet to buy.


When it comes to motorcycle helmets, HJC makes several options. The HJC Qualifier is an entry level helmet, and the HJC i10 is a sub-$200 lid. These helmets are manufactured by reputable outside suppliers that meet or exceed federal safety standards. The helmets also must fit properly and are DOT approved. You can find a HJC helmet at your local Harley dealer.

While the standard men’s helmet is a DOT-approved helmet, women can choose a more lightweight option. HJC makes Harley Davidson motorcycle helmets for both genders, so women can choose the size that is most comfortable for them. Women can also get HJC helmets with DOT requirements for the U.S. Department of Transportation. They are also available in a range of colors and designs.


A new factory for KBC makes Harley Davidson helmets in China, which is home to over 20 percent of the world’s population. With the city of Qingdao being part of the Qingdao Free Trade Zone, KBC will avoid paying tariffs and taxes on goods produced in China. The city is just an hour away by commercial flight. The company is investing $10 million into the new facility.

After entering a partnership with Tucker Rocky Distributing, KBC expands their business to include apparel and OEM private label helmets. Their client list includes Harley-Davidson, Polaris, Fox Racing, O’Neal, MSR, Thor, and Suzuki. These partnerships are crucial for KBC, which continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle helmets. However, there are still some questions about the safety features of KBC helmets.


AGV has made motorcycle helmets for more than 70 years. Founded in Valenza, Italy in 1945, the company is a leader in motorcycle safety gear. Today, AGV manufactures helmets for Harley-Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki motorcycles. The company’s latest model, the K6, comes in four shell sizes and weighs less than three pounds. It is ECE-certified and comes with a Pinlock insert. The K6 is available in several colors and graphic designs.

The AX-8 Evo line of helmets features the “Naked” version, which lacks a peak and is more highway friendly than its dual-sport counterpart. The AX-8 Evo Naked Carbon Helmet is lightweight and mean-looking. If you’re looking for a street/touring model, you should consider the AGV GT Veloce. This helmet provides high-quality street and touring protection, while being lightweight and comfortable.

AGV’s Ram-X

AGV’s Ram-X is a modular motorcycle helmet with an aggressive shell design and a drop-down internal sun shield. This helmet is ECE certified and features an integrated Pinlock ventilation system. It is available in four shell sizes and is made of lightweight, durable composite fibers. The Ram-X is also available in various colors and graphics. It weighs less than 3 pounds. While this helmet might seem expensive, it is well-made and offers plenty of features for a reasonable price.

AGV is a racing helmet manufacturer with a variety of racing helmets. The Pista GP RR is its flagship model. It features a super light carbon construction, a new spoiler design, tear-off posts, Pinlock insert, and FIM certification. FIM is the world motorcycle racing sanctioning body, and has strict testing and certification standards for helmets. Listed below are the top three helmets from each brand.

Arai’s X3000

Many riders enjoy the comfort, style, and safety that the X3000 offers, and this helmet is no exception. Arai’s signature round shell shape and adjustable vents help the helmet fit most North American heads comfortably. It also features a removable, washable liner and an emergency cheek pad removal system. The helmet also has Snell M2020 certification for safety. It’s an excellent choice for motorcycle riders who are looking for an affordable and comfortable motorcycle helmet.

The AGV X3000 is a retro motorcycle helmet with a classic design that offers top-notch safety and comfort. The X3000 was inspired by the first full-face motorcycle helmet designed by the legendary Giacomo Agostini in 1969. It features AFC (Advanced Composite Fiber) fiberglass construction and a leather and micro-suede interior liner.

AGV’s Daytona

AGV’s first full-face helmet, the AGV X1, was worn by Austrian driver Niki Lauda when he won the 1975 Formula One world championship. He wore an AGV X1 helmet while driving a Ferrari 312T. Lauda won his second Formula One championship in the helmet. In addition, AGV sponsored the first racetrack Mobile Clinic. Co-ordinated by Dr. Claudio Costa, this clinic was the first of its kind and quickly became a hit with both Formula One racers and motorcyclists.

Both AGV’s Daytona and Shoei helmets are designed to fit intermediate-sized heads and provide maximum protection. Unlike most helmets, AGV’s Daytona helmet features a recessed back edge, which means the front edge of the helmet won’t touch the back of the neck during a full tuck. In addition to the Daytona, AGV has created replicas of other famous helmets, including the X-1000.

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