Who Makes Harley Davidson Batteries?


If you are wondering who makes Harley Davidson batteries, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss East Penn Manufacturing, MotoBatt, and Yuasa. Learn about the different types of Harley batteries and what they can do for your bike. These batteries are designed to fit a wide variety of Harley models and are compatible with many motorcycles. They are extremely sensitive, so choosing the right battery for your bike is important.

East Penn Manufacturing

If you own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you may know that East Penn Manufacturing makes the batteries. They manufacture the highest-quality batteries for motorcycles, and they come pre-charged for a smooth start. East Penn Manufacturing started out as a small business with its father over 60 years ago. This small company has grown into one of the world’s most-respected motorcycle battery manufacturers. While you may be wary of the company’s name, it does have a good reputation.

East Penn Manufacturing was founded in 1946 by DeLight Breidegam Jr., a veteran of the Air Force who wanted to start his own business. His father had been in the battery industry for more than 30 years and was able to fill the need for rebuilt batteries. After the war, the company expanded and began building new batteries. In 1971, the company employed 350 people and expanded to a new facility in Lyon Station, PA. It has the largest manufacturing site in the industry, with more than two million square feet of floor space.

For battery maintenance, you can get a battery with an extended warranty from East Penn Manufacturing. They are manufactured in the U.S. and feature dual attachment posts. This allows for easier starting and a lower risk of fire. In addition to offering a long-lasting battery, East Penn Manufacturing also offers lithium batteries. They are available from Harley-Davidson dealerships, and you can purchase other Harley-Davidson batteries at their stores.


Motorcycle batteries are a major investment for any biker, and Yuasa is a well-known name in this field. The Yuasa GYZ32HL Lead Acid Battery has a 500-cranking-amp rating and is ideal for big Harley engines or touring bikes. It uses lead-calcium technology and is fully sealed, so it is a good choice for a variety of applications. This battery costs approximately $130, and you should look for one that fits the bike you own best.

Yuasa motorcycle batteries are compatible with most popular Harley models. The brand offers several models to choose from, including the popular VRSC and Softail. The company has been making motorcycle batteries for decades and is a trusted partner for many motorcycle manufacturers. Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki are just a few of the brands that use Yuasa batteries in their motorcycles. Yuasa is also a supplier to Ducati, Vespa, and KTM.

Deka – East Penn Manufacturing, an award-winning battery manufacturer, has the manufacturing rights to produce Harley Davidson motorcycle batteries. The company, founded by Delight Jr. in 1946, is one of the most trusted names in the industry. East Penn Manufacturing makes batteries from the ground up and has one of the lowest defect rates in the entire battery industry. It has a spill-proof design and a gel-like consistency.


MotoBatt motorcycle batteries are made with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), a revolutionary technology that has revolutionized the ATV, motorcycle, lawn mower, and small engine industries. These batteries feature a unique four-terminal design with two positives and two negatives, and height spacers for a nearly universal fit. In addition to being maintenance-free, MotoBatt motorcycle batteries are completely safe, spill-free, and ready to install right out of the box.

MotoBatt motorcycle batteries offer high-quality power and longevity, enabling users to enjoy a longer service life. They are also available for courier delivery. Each MotoBatt battery comes fully charged and conditioned. 80% of powersports batteries fail early due to faulty activation of the dry battery plates. MotoBatt also offers a three-year warranty on their batteries, making them a wise choice for Harley-Davidson riders.

While the highest CCA-rated batteries are suited for new bikes, older vintage Harleys can have deteriorated electrical components. To counteract this, Harley-Davidson batteries with higher CCA ratings can make the old bike more manageable. Often, these bikes require more power to start. Investing in a higher CCA-rated battery for your aging bike will make your life much easier.

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