How to Decide Where to Park Your Motorcycle?


When deciding where to park your motorcycle, you should remember to leave enough space on both sides so that you can lean the bike on the kickstand and ride away safely. It is also important to leave enough space for the center stand. Hopefully you’ll find the best place for your motorcycle parking needs! After all, you don’t want to risk getting towed. Here are some suggestions:

Parking on a hill

If you have ever parked a motorcycle on a hill, you know it can be a little scary. Even if you’ve parked your bike on a flat surface before, it’s likely that you’ve had to use your elbow grease to push your bike out of a difficult parking spot. Inexperienced bikers may find themselves in the same situation and may have to push their bike out of a spot that they don’t feel is safe for them to do. Thankfully, there are several things to keep in mind while parking your bike on a hill.

Metered parking

Motorcycle riders have long debated the subject of metered parking. Many of them feel that they should be allowed to park anywhere. In reality, there are rules that apply to motorcycles as well as other vehicles. For example, if you’re wearing a motorcycle-specific vest, you cannot park your motorcycle in a disabled parking space. Instead, you should park your motorcycle in a spot for vehicles with handicap permits. This will help keep you safe when riding on city streets.

Designated motorcycle permit parking

New York City has specific rules for parking a motorcycle. Motorcycles are not allowed to park in certain hatched areas, such as near walkways or medical stalls. Motorcycles are also prohibited from parking in normal vehicle stalls during certain hours, such as 7:00am – 5:30pm. On the other hand, motorcycles may park in designated motorcycle parking lots after 5:30pm. In addition, the laws for parking a motorcycle on campus are fairly simple.

Pay and display bays

If you own a motorcycle, you can park it in any of the dedicated motorcycle parking bays that are free of charge. Motorcycles can also park in shared-use or pay-and-display bays, but they must adhere to the limitations and regulations set out in the tariff board. If you park your motorcycle in a shared-use bay or a pay-and-display bay, you must display your motorcycle parking permit. Parking a motorcycle in a dedicated motorcycle bay is only allowed for motorbikes with two wheels. You can’t park your motorcycle in double or single-yellow lines, bus stops, disabled bays, or loading bays.


If you have a motorcycle, you may be wondering where to park it. The sidewalk is an ideal place to park your bike, because the motorcycle has a narrow profile and can easily fit in tight spots. Although the Colorado motorcycle laws do not mention this, you might have seen other riders park their bikes there and wondered if they were following the law. However, you definitely do not want to risk getting a ticket or worse, your bike being towed away.

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