Where Are Ural Motorcycles Made?


The Irbit Motorcycle Factory is one of the locations where Ural motorcycles are made. This factory is located in Petropavl, Kazakhstan. It produces fewer than two thousand motorcycles a year. The motorcycles are equipped with air-cooled, four-stroke flat-twin engines.

Irbit Motorcycle Factory

The Irbit Motorcycle Factory in Siberia is a historic site where iconic Ural motorcycles are made. The factory employed 10,000 people at its peak and produced 130,000 motorcycles yearly. Motorcycles were popular among Russians after the end of World War II. However, the company suffered multiple bankruptcies and almost disappeared by the late 1990s.

Petropavl, Kazakhstan

Ural Motorcycles have shifted most of its manufacturing to Petropavl, Kazakhstan. This will free them from the economic and supply chain constraints of Russia. They will also be able to deliver motorcycles to many other markets, including the United States. The company will also continue to produce frames and body parts in Irbit.

Ural builds fewer than 2,000 motorcycles a year.

The Ural is a Russian motorcycle company that manufactures heavy motorcycles with sidecars. It is located in the Ural Mountains and started making motorcycles in the 1940s. The company started by copying the German R71 motorcycle design from BMW. This design has been in use by the German army since 1938. The Soviet Union then reverse-engineered the design and began production of the M-72 motorcycle in 1941. Originally the M-72 was only produced for the military and only became available for civilian use in the 1950s.

Ural motorcycles have four-stroke, air-cooled, flat-twin engines

Ural motorcycles are unique in many ways. For example, they have a vintage, military look with a steel frame, ammo cans, and a military paint scheme. Their motorcycles also come with a fox hole spade mounted on the sidecar, giving them an extra cool touch. The name Ural comes from the famous mountain range in Russia.

Ural has a reverse gear

Ural motorcycles come with a mechanical reverse gear. This gear can be engaged by pressing a foot pedal to the right of the rear brake. This feature comes in handy in case of a flat tire, which you can easily change by swapping the brake rotor. The motorcycles are also available in a variety of colors and options.

Ural has a unique diameter

Ural motorcycles have a diameter that’s unmistakably Russian. The brand’s previous U.S. distributor marketed the motorcycles with BMW-esque pinstriping and emphasized its two-wheel-drive models, including the Gear Up model, which is ruggedized and comfortable to ride. Most parts, including the switchgear and suspension components, are Italian, and the rims, axles and hubs are manufactured in Taiwan.

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