What to Take on a Harley Road Trip?


What to bring on a Harley road trip? Those who own or ride Harleys are likely to have several essential items in their travel bags. These items include Helmets, Flip-flops, Microfiber towels, and a First-aid kit. You may also want to consider adding a Microfiber towel to your travel bag in case you get wet. And don’t forget to pack some cash for snacks and drinks.


It is important to know how to choose the proper motorcycle helmet for your head size. Most helmets are sized in centimeters. To get the correct size, measure around the thickest part of your head, without over-tightening the tape measure. After you have measured your head, try it on to make sure that it fits properly. Some helmets come with replaceable interior pads. If you’re unsure, try on several before making a decision.

Motorcycle helmets have several layers. The impact-absorbing liner is usually made of expanded polystyrene foam. A hard outer shell is placed beneath this to keep out dirt and foreign objects. Inside, a soft, comfortable liner wicks away moisture, making it easier to stay cool in hot weather. Some helmets come with a drawstring pouch for easy storage and transportation. If you’re going on a long road trip on your motorcycle, you’ll want to take your helmet along as well.

Flip flops

If you’re going on a road trip on your Harley, you shouldn’t wear flip flops. They’re not the right footwear for motorcycle riding, and you’ll need to learn what works and what doesn’t. Flip flops can be uncomfortable and dangerous, so make sure you bring the right shoes for the situation. Is it possible to take a pair of flip flops on a Harley road trip?

Microfiber towel

When you’re heading out on a long motorcycle road trip, a microfiber towel is an essential item. Not only is this towel super absorbent, it’s also fast-drying and odor resistant. It will be especially useful while you’re riding along a long stretch of highway. Here are some of the best microfiber towels for motorcycle road trips. You’ll thank yourself when you get off the bike, and keep your leathers and clothes in perfect condition.

A microfiber towel can help you clean your motorcycle. This type of towel features small depressions that can be extremely absorbent. This means it can be used for basic cleaning, but isn’t appropriate for delicate surfaces like chrome. A long-pile microfiber towel is the best choice for buffing, as it can absorb more water and give your bike a glossy finish without scratching. A thicker microfiber towel will better absorb wax, which is useful for detailing. It’s also a lot more durable than a thin one, and you’re less likely to leave streaks behind.

First aid kit

A first aid kit for a Harley road trip contains a variety of medical supplies to treat minor injuries and illnesses. It should include an earmuff, non-curriculum thermometer, trauma pads, antihistamines, antacids, and bandages. It should also include supplies for CPR, bleeding, burns, and wound care. It should contain supplies for any possible medical emergency, from shock and hypothermia to an allergic reaction.

An emergency medical kit should include everything from adhesive bandages to a thermometer and includes all of the necessary equipment to administer CPR. Other items included in a first aid kit include a resuscitation face shield, vinyl gloves, a space blanket, nitrile gloves, safety pins, scissors, alcohol pads, and two emergency blankets. Some first aid kits are so extensive that you need to carry several.

Portable flat pump

A portable flat pump is essential if you plan to take your Harley on a long road trip. Often times, you won’t have a mechanic to repair your tire, but a flat pump will help you ride again after inflating it. These pumps are lightweight and easily stored in a bag or vehicle. They also have a built-in digital pressure gauge, which can be used to set the pressure to the appropriate level.

Leather jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket is a biker’s right of passage, and there are many styles available at affordable prices. These jackets are made with 100% genuine leather and thermal or micro-mesh linings for warmth. If you plan to ride in colder climates, a lightweight jacket with mesh lining is a great choice. You can even remove the padding for added warmth. Whatever the weather, a leather motorcycle jacket is a must for any road trip.

Motorcycle jackets offer protection that standard jackets do not have. They have reinforced seams and double-layer materials. They fit tighter in high-speed winds and are CE-approved for added safety. Some also feature CE-approved body armor. While the style may vary, motorcycle jackets are typically made to fit snugly to the body. While some jackets may be pricier than standard ones, they will last for years.

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