What to Do With Your Old Motorcycle Helmet?


If you’re wondering what to do with your old motorcycle helmet, you’re not alone. Motorcycle helmets are a great way to save the planet. There are many ways to recycle them. You can take them to your local recycle center. Almost every part of a helmet can be recycled, including the shell, chin strap, and face shield. It’s a great way to get rid of a helmet that you no longer need, and you won’t have to worry about the helmet being thrown away.


If you have an old motorcycle helmet lying around the garage, consider recycling it. Some helmets are made of recycled materials, but others are not. If you’re unable to recycle your old motorcycle helmet, there are other options available. For example, you can line it with fabric and fill it with solid seeds. If you’re not a gardener, you can simply hang it up by its straps to provide a safe place for your plants. Another idea for reusing your old helmet is using the shell as a dish. The shell can be turned into a serving bowl, food holder, or popcorn bowl. It can also serve as a clock. Or, you could even turn it into an Easter basket.


When you’re done riding, you can recycle your old motorcycle helmet. Almost every part of a motorcycle helmet is recyclable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about disposing of it in a landfill. Contact your local recycle center to find out whether they accept your old helmet. Generally, helmet manufacturers recommend that you replace your old helmet every seven years – that’s five years after the production date and seven years after you first put it on.


Instead of dumping your old motorcycle helmet into the trash, consider donating it. It will go a long way in the world and it will still serve a purpose. You can contact your local recycle center to donate your helmet. Every part of the helmet is recyclable. Plus, it won’t be seen again! So, you can rest easy knowing that your helmet will be put to good use. And, you can keep the chin strap if you’d like.


If you’ve got a motorcycle helmet that you don’t use anymore, you might want to recycle it. Some types of helmet shells are recyclable, such as PET (the same material used in bottled water) and ABS. But you should check with your local recycling program first to be sure that your helmet is recyclable. The plastic buckles and nylon straps, on the other hand, may be better off repurposed or donated.

Lamp making kits

If you have an old motorcycle helmet, you can make a lamp out of it by following the instructions in a Lamp Making Kit. These kits can be purchased on Amazon and will have everything you need to create your lamp. There are instructions for different styles of lamp, as well as how to make them. You can even use EPS foam from an old helmet as the base for your lamp. It will allow for proper air circulation and ventilation in clay soils.

Decorative showpiece

Rather than tossing out an old motorcycle helmet, you can repurpose it into a decorative showpiece. Using super glue, some people have turned their old motorcycle helmets into lamps. The process is simple and can create a beautiful accent for any man cave or office. You can also paint the outside of the helmet and display your finished work as a decorative piece. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

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