What States Allow Motorcycle Interlock Devices?


Before getting started, it is important to understand what motorcycle ignition interlock devices are. Ignition interlock devices are devices used to prevent alcohol consumption while driving. They are mandatory in many states. In order to get a motorcycle license, you must have an IID device on your car. You must also have a motorcycle license separately from your driver’s license. This separate endorsement will not allow you to drive a motorcycle if you are not using an IID device.

Ignition interlock device

An ignition interlock device for motorcycles is a type of electronic ignition system that connects to the ignition system of the motorcycle. The device contains a mouthpiece for the rider to provide a sample of their blood alcohol content. Once the blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, the motorcycle won’t start. To clear the device, the rider must provide a clean sample, wait for the timed lock to expire, and then the device will sound an alarm and stop the engine. This device logs every activity, including successes and failures, BAC levels, and other related data.

Ignition interlock device requirements

Ignition interlock devices are designed to detect and report if a driver has consumed alcohol while operating a motorcycle. These devices work in conjunction with the motorcycle’s ignition system and require the use of a helmet. The Ignition Interlock Device for Motorcycles will stop the engine and wait for a signal from the helmet. The driver will then exhale into a breathalyzer installed in the helmet. This breath sample will be analyzed by a GPS module that will determine where the motorcycle is. Additionally, a GSM module will send an SMS to a relative of the driver. If the sample is within the legal limit, the ignition will be enabled, otherwise it will prevent the driver from driving.

Ignition interlock device locations

If you’ve been ordered to install an ignition interlock device, you might be wondering what they’re all about. In addition to the device itself, the IID requires the owner to install it on their motorcycle. In addition to the initial cost of installing the IID, monthly fees can reach $100 or more. Even more, the cost of maintaining the device could exceed a thousand dollars annually. Even if you’re not ordered to install the IID on your motorcycle, you may find yourself unable to drive because of the fees.

Ignition interlock device requirements after license suspension

If you are in violation of the Ignition Interlock device requirements after license suspension, you will have to purchase an ignition interlock device to be allowed to drive again. The state requires all motorists to use a device to avoid driving while suspended. You will also have to pay a monthly program administration fee of $30. This fee will be collected by the ignition interlock vendor on behalf of the RMV. It applies to the initial service visit as well as subsequent ones. You may also be eligible for a waiver of this fee under the RMV’s Indigency Program.

Ignition interlock device waivers

Motorcycle riders must obtain a separate license to drive a motorcycle. Most states require the installation of IIDs on automobiles, not motorcycles. Some even actively prohibit the use of IIDs on motorcycles. Fortunately, the industry isn’t incentivized to develop specific technologies for motorcycles. Ignition interlock device waivers for motorcycles are available. You can get one by following these simple steps.

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