What Is a Slipper Clutch?


When your car reaches its top speed, a slipper clutch automatically disengages and enables the engine to match the vehicle’s speed. The slipper clutch automatically engages again when the vehicle slows down or stops. This is a major safety feature. In addition, the clutch can also be easily adjusted for comfort.


Slipper clutches are mechanical devices that reduce the torque transmitted to the rear wheels during engine braking. The slipper clutch works by disengaging the clutch plate when a certain amount of back-torque is generated. As a result, the rear wheels can maintain traction.

Slipper clutches are used in motorcycles for a variety of reasons. They help reduce the friction and braking force on the rear wheels when downshifting, which minimizes the work of the suspension. They also reduce engine wear and tear as a damper between the transmission and engine. Furthermore, they reduce the pressure on the gearbox, which means they can be lighter and more efficient.


Before making any changes to your slipper clutch, it is important to know how to adjust it. To do so, remove the gear cover. The slipper clutch is adjusted by turning the spur nut clockwise or counterclockwise. You should turn the nut clockwise to tighten the clutch and then back it off half a turn to loosen it.

When adjusting a slipper clutch, it is important to keep in mind that too loose a clutch can cause a motor to overheat and cause premature wear to the slipper clutch components. It is also important to keep the slipper set to the correct setting, protecting the transmission and providing quick acceleration.

Burnt odours

The smell of burning in your car’s slipper clutch may indicate something is wrong with your car. You may notice this odour when you are driving uphill, or when you are driving downhill. Different smells indicate different problems, but they all point to trouble. If you are experiencing this problem, you should pay attention to the car’s maintenance schedule to avoid further damage.

A common cause of this problem is the gear oil. When you notice a smell from a slipping clutch, you should check the gear oil levels and check the clutch for leaks. If you find a leak, you should get your clutch checked as soon as possible.


Slipper clutches are often used on motorcycles. They help riders to reduce the risk of sudden engine braking, which could result in an accident. In addition, a slipper clutch can help riders to avoid braking at high speeds while cornering. However, they can also cause a burning odour. The burning smell can be traced to the clutch disc material, which is often made from plastic. Affected riders can check whether they are experiencing this odour by opening the hood.

The slipper clutch is a mechanical system that connects the motor’s crankshaft with the gearbox. When the clutch is engaged, the movement of the crankshaft is transferred to the rear wheel, making gear changes easier. A slipper clutch can also help reduce the work performed by the suspension and the rear wheel.


A slipper clutch is a type of clutch that improves engine and transmission performance and maintenance. It reduces wear on transmission components and is a safer alternative to a traditional clutch system. It helps to control the rear wheel during downshifting and hard braking. The downside is that a slipper clutch is expensive, but the benefits outweigh the cost.

There are several different types of the slipper clutch. The EVR type is the easiest to set up, giving predictable, forgiving slips. Meanwhile, the STM type is the most finicky and requires precise adjustments, as the spider spring is prone to breaking. Regardless of which type you choose, you should be aware that the factory likely uses a bucci slipper clutch in its factory set up. While this clutch is of high quality, it is not as sophisticated as aftermarket slippers.

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