What is a Motorcycle Squid?


You’ve probably heard the phrase “speeding like a squid” before. This slang term translates to “idiotish, dangerous, and stupidly fast.” Obviously, the term isn’t meant to be flattering, and it’s definitely not cool among bikers. But if you’ve been riding your motorcycle recklessly and are not wearing the right clothing, then you’ve probably heard the term before, and now you’re a motorcycle squid!

slang term

The slang term for motorcycle squid is not a new one. Some people use it to describe someone who rides a motorcycle without any gear. This is a poor decision, as these individuals do not have the money to buy a quality bike or wear protective gear. They also think they can beat slower riders despite their lack of skill and gear. But there are many good reasons to ride smart.


Motorcycle squids are not the most responsible road users. They wear inappropriate gear and disregard the safety of other road users. They don’t wear protective gear and often ride without a helmet or shirt. Their actions put them and other road users in danger, and can lead to an arrest. They’ve probably dreamed of riding a motorcycle for years and should not do it on a busy street.

common moves

The acronym “SQUID” refers to riders who are stupidly fast, ignorant, and reckless while riding a motorcycle. This term is not particularly flattering and is not particularly hip among bikers. But it’s a common occurrence in the motorcycle world, and squids are notorious for their reckless riding. They weave dangerously in and out of lanes of traffic, often putting themselves and others in danger.

safety concerns

One of the biggest safety concerns of motorcycle squid riders is not wearing enough protective gear. Squid riders often ride recklessly and attempt to do stunts in crowded areas. They often overtake other drivers and ride without stopping at blind turns. Some squids even speed over the speed limit. The danger of such behavior is well documented. It is important for riders to remember that these types of motorcycles pose significant risks, and that it is their responsibility to protect themselves and other road users.

squids brag about their crashes

Some people are embarrassed by the number of motorcycle squids that ravage city streets and parking lots. These maniacs don’t even wear helmets or protective gear. They do all manner of crazy stunts on their bikes, such as burning out in the parking lot. Some of them even wear revealing clothing, including skimpy jeans and ratty t-shirts.

dangers of squid riding

The term “motorcycle squid riding” is synonymous with foolishness and reckless driving. These naughty squids ride with “douchey” gear, which makes them sit forward in the seat with their heels hooked on the pegs. The position of the crew on the bike also causes their toes to splay outward. Often, these riders will race on busy streets while being unaware of the rules.

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