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Buying a motorcycle dryer blower can be an expensive proposition. Depending on your budget and desired features, you can choose from a number of products. Here we will compare three of the most popular motorcycle dryer blowers, and offer helpful advice for choosing the right one. These products include the Bissel Garage Pro, the Air Shammy, the Metro Vac Air Force Blaster, and the EasyGoProducts MotoDryer.

Bestseller No. 1
Air Force Blaster Sidekick small vehicle or motorcycle air dryer Metro Vacuum Made in USA
  • 1.3 Peak HP Motor, 8 Amps, 960 Watts, 18,000 ft./min. Airflow
  • 14-inch heavy-duty power cord, durable neoprene nozzle and air-flare, as well as an EZ Change foam filter
  • Designed to save you time and get your pristine ride back on the road in no time
  • Accessories: Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower Blower and Air Flare Nozzles
SaleBestseller No. 2
SHELANDY Powerful Motorcycle & Car Dryer with 14 Foot Flexible Hose & Wheels - for Auto Detailing and dusting,black
  • ①DRY YOUR MOTORBIKE QUICKLY AND EASILY: Dries your bike effortlessly, with no scratching or smearing.
  • ②GREAT FOR DUSTING AND DETAILING: Safely removes dirt from hard to reach areas and engine parts
  • ③AIRFLOW VARIABLE: Choice of speed and temperature settings for maximum drying power
  • ④ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: Get a replacement simply within one year
  • ⑤POWERFUL TURBO BLASTER: 2800 watts / 110 voltage / 14 foot flexible hose
SaleBestseller No. 3
EasyGoProducts MotoDryer - Motorcycle and Car Dryer. This Blower Dryer has a Powerful Force of Warm-Hot Filtered Air.
  • Specifically designed to easily and quickly dry intricate areas of your vehicle which are inaccessible. Perfect for engine parts, grills and air intakes where water gets stuck.
  • Comes with a variety of nozzle attachments to accurately direct air flow
  • Ideal for blowing out trapped interior debris from hard to reach spaces inside your vehicle.
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee
  • Uses a 500 watt, 0.75hp motor to produce a consistent and never ending stream of warm air.
Bestseller No. 4
shernbao High Velocity Car & Motorcycle Dryer Blower for Auto Detailing and Cleaning Dusting
  • 【Drying function for the surface of cars, motorcycles】Car Dryer uses warm, dry, filtered air that provides an easy and safe drying experience without the chance of scratching expensive paint and chrome finishes.And can be used for other purposes: blowing away fallen leaves and dust in the courtyard, quickly inflating inflatable tents and mattresses etc.
  • 【Amazing blow power】 Voltage:110V/10A,motor:3.2HP,Maximum air volume: 100CFM, Maximum wind speed: 20.3 M/S.
  • 【Energy efficient and lightweight design】: ①The insulated ABS integrated shell is used for heat insulation and motor circuit isolation to reduce the failure rate. ②The ergonomic handle is easy to operate. ③Small size, handy and easy to store. ④Durable and safe: Thermal protection.
  • 【Convenient features】: 2-speed setting, equipped with wield shoulder strap, easy-to-replace washable filters, and 1.3M-2.5M feet long retractable hose with 6 nozzles.
  • 【Warranty/replacement】Has a 12month warranty. If there’s any thing wrong with the product please email us, so we can fix or replace
Bestseller No. 5
MetroVac Sidekick SK-1 Motorcycle Dryer | Metro Vac Air Force Blaster Sidekick | Includes 12 Foot Cord And Black Textured Matte Finish | 3 Extra Filters | Made In The USA
  • WATER CAN RUN, BUT IT CAN’T HIDE from the Air Force Blaster Sidekick! BONUS - Comes with 3 extra filters!
  • YOUR DRYER COMES WITH a 12 foot cord and Metro’s new Black Matte Textured finish. Also includes 3 extra Metro filters to keep your air flow running clean! (Part # MVC-49BX)
  • DRY YOUR MOTORCYCLE IN MINUTES with warm (30 degrees F above ambient), dry, filtered air generated by this handheld powerhouse. Getting a professional quality, dry finish for your ride has never been easier than it is with the Air Force Blaster Sidekick! It is the perfect way to expel water from side-view mirrors, body seams, lights, engine and more. The Sidekick dryer does it all!
  • THE ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION of the Air Force Blaster Sidekick makes it nearly indestructible, yet it only weighs about three pounds. Don’t be fooled though, this lightweight cycle dryer packs a powerful 1.3 HP motor and single-stage fan that moves 18,000 feet of air per minute. Its portable size means the Sidekick delivers powerful drying results without straining your muscles.
  • IMPORTANT! THIS DRYER IS NOT LARGE ENOUGH FOR DRYING CARS AND TRUCKS. For best results drying a car or truck, please purchase one of Metro’s larger dryers. THIS SIDEKICK FEATURES a 12 foot heavy-duty power cord, durable neoprene nozzle and air-flare, as well as an EZ Change foam filter. MADE IN THE USA - Because it matters! IMPORTANT: This product has a 120v motor and is made for use in the U.S. DO NOT USE WITH 220v power and/or a converter.
Bestseller No. 6
Cyclone Blower Motorcycle Dryer
  • Perfect solution for drying your bike
  • Soft flexable rubber nozzle so you will not scratch your bike if you hit it
  • Filtered & heated air source dries quickly without debris
  • Powerful (120 mph), high volume blower that weighs only 3.6 lbs
  • Ergonomic handle & lightweight design - compact enough to carry in your saddle bag
Bestseller No. 7
Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster 8-HP Car & Motorcycle Dryer - Auto Detailing
  • All steel construction
  • 8.0 Peak HP, 58,500 ft./min. air flow, 2 motors, 2 stage dual fan, 2 speeds, 18 amps, 2,160-Watt, weighs 16-Pound
  • Includes heavy duty neoprene blower nozzle plus 5 interchangeable attachments, 10-Feet by 1.5-Inch flexible commercial strength hose, 12-Feet heavy duty, 3 conductor cord, easy change foam filter
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Made in USA
Bestseller No. 8
Metro Vac Blaster Sidekick Professional Motorcycle Dryer in Black Matte Finish | Includes 3 Extra Filters - 3' to 6' Stretch Hose - Rubber Nozzle - Shoulder Strap - Wall Mount Hook | Model SK1-CD
  • INCLUDES 3 EXTRA FILTERS! Comes In Metro's All New Black Textured Matte Finish.
  • HANDY IS THE BEST WAY to describe the Air Force Blaster Sidekick Professional! Dry your motorcycle in minutes with warm (30 degrees F above ambient), dry filtered air generated by this hand held powerhouse!!! Getting a professional-quality, dry finish to your car or bike has never been easier than it is with the Air Force Blaster Sidekick Professional! It’ll dry your bike in minutes and make quick work out of blasting water out of those hard to reach areas.
  • BLASTERr SIDEKICK SK-1 PROFESSIONAL is the perfect way to expel water from your side-view mirrors, body seams, grills, lights, and engine or more, the Sidekick Professional dryer does it all!
  • THE ALL-STEEL CONSTRUCTION of the Air Force Blaster Sidekick Professional by MetroVac has a durable build, while only weighing just over three pounds. Don’t be fooled, this lightweight bike dryer packs a powerful 1.3 HP motor and single-stage fan that can move 18,000 feet of air per minute. Its portable build means the Sidekick Professional delivers high-performance drying results without added strain on your muscles.
  • THE SIDEKICK SK-1 PROFESSIONAL FEATURES a 14 inch heavy-duty power cord, durable neoprene nozzle and air flare, as well as an EZ Change foam filter. Best of all, this motorcycle dryer is designed to save you time and leave your vehicle looking pristine and ready to ride!! IMPORTANT: This product has a 110V motor and is made for use in the U.S. DO NOT USE WITH 220v power and/or a converter.
SaleBestseller No. 9
Adam's Polishes Air Cannon Jr. - High Powered Filtered Car Wash Blower | Dry Before Car Cleaning, Car Detailing, Car Wax, or Ceramic Coating | Auto Tool Kit Gift Boat RV Motorcycle
  • ✅ THE SAFEST TOUCH FREE DRYING METHOD AVAILABLE – Every time you touch your vehicle with a towel, microfiber accessory, or even a chamois, you are introducing swirl marks, scratches, and marring your finish. Adam’s Air Cannon Jr. Car Dryer uses warm, dry, filtered air that provides an easy and safe drying experience without the chance of scratching expensive paint and chrome finishes.
  • ✅ EXPANDING & RETRACTING 16.5 FOOT HOSE – This self-expanding and retracting hose take up significantly less space than conventional air dryers. This forced air dryer safely removes water, soap suds, and any loose surface contamination without the risk of scratching your finish. The rubberized attachments allow you to get close to the crevices with either a wide fan or pointed tip approach without damaging the surface.
  • ✅ ADJUSTABLE SPEED CONTROL WITH SLOW, SAFETY-START. PREMIUM RUBBER SWIVEL CASTERS, 4470 FPM, 85dB, 100 CFM WITH 16 FOOT RUBBERIZED POWER CORD - Adam’s Air Cannon Jr. moves over 4,470 feet per minute of clean, warm, dry, filtered air that you can control. With our state-of-the-art control system, you can easily adjust how much air you can move through your dryer system. Best of all, it incorporates noise-cut technology for quieter operation.
  • ✅ WHATS INCLUDED? – Adam’s Air Cannon Jr. Detailing Tool is a game changer and great addition to your car cleaning supplies. When this box arrives at your doorstep, it Includes rubberized attachments, 16-foot power cord, fan tip and pointed tips along with a self-expanding and retracting 16.5-foot hose to make post car washing & drying a breeze.
  • ✅ 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & INCLUDES 1 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY! - We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction and believe that this is THE BEST Car Drying Air Blower on the market! If you don’t agree, we’ll do everything we can to make it right!
Bestseller No. 10
Air Force Blaster Sidekick SK-1-12FT Small Vehicle or Motorcycle air Dryer Metro Vacuum (12' Power Cord)
  • 12 foot heavy-duty power cord, durable neoprene nozzle and air-flare, as well as an EZ Change foam filter
  • Construction: Sturdy All Steel, Accessories: Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower Blower and Air Flare Nozzles
  • Motor: 1.3 Peak HP, Amps: 8 Amps, Watts: 1000 Watts, Airflow: CFM/FPM: 18,000 ft./min.
  • Dimensions: 4.25"x7.5"x9.75" Weight: 6 lbs

Bissel Garage Pro

If you’re looking for a high-quality motorcycle dryer blower, you’ve probably already seen the Blaster. This product claims to dry your motorcycle in five minutes, blowing warm, filtered air that’s about 20 degrees warmer than ambient temperatures. It is also claimed to leave no water spots, and its 10-foot hose stretches over the seat of your motorcycle. And while it’s not the most powerful motorcycle dryer blower available, it is undoubtedly the best.

A motorcycle dryer blower can be an important piece of equipment for detailing your motorcycle. While using drying towels can be helpful, they can also harbor dirt or small stones that scratch the paint. Here are some options for motorcycle dryer blowers based on budget, power output, and other factors. For a newbie, it’s recommended to go for a reputable brand, as they usually offer extra accessories and spare parts.

The hose is seven feet long, with a 25-foot reach. It has a variable power dial so you can control how much power you want to use. It also comes with an 18-foot power cord. The blower is made to be versatile, and the hose is long enough to reach tight spots. One of the biggest drawbacks of this type of motorcycle dryer blower is its price. The price is also a concern, but the benefits of it far outweigh the drawbacks.

Another great feature of the Bissel Garage Pro motorcycle dryer blower is its durability. Its durable steel design and dual motors will provide years of reliable service. You’ll also benefit from the MB-3CDSWB-30’s integrated on-board storage and durable construction. It also comes with replacement filters and a crevice tool. With its long head and low noise, this motorcycle dryer blower is one of the best motorcycle dryers available on the market.

Air Shammy

The Air Shammy motorcycle dryer blower is the fastest and easiest way to dry your bike. You don’t need to worry about drying the motorcycle in the heat. The Air Shammy’s powerful blower and high-speed operation make drying your bike a snap! You can purchase it at motorcycle parts web stores or retail outlets. Make sure to check out the various customer reviews to ensure you are getting the best motorcycle dryer for your needs. You can also find a wealth of helpful information on biker forums.

Air Shammy motorcycle dryer blower eliminates water spots from your bike in a matter of minutes. This tool features an engineered nozzle design and a perfect ratio of air pressure and flow. Water spots on your bike are the result of minerals left behind after the water evaporates. The faster water is removed from your motorcycle, the less likely it will leave water spots. The Air Shammy motorcycle dryer blower is designed to eliminate water spots faster than any other bike dryer on the market.

The Metro Air Force Blaster is a handheld powerhouse that uses warm, dry air to dry motorcycles. Its motor delivers air at a high velocity of 29,000 ft. per minute. Its accessories include a 10 foot hose, cone-shaped blower nozzle, crevice tool, and micro adapter kit. You will be amazed at how fast your motorcycle is dry. So why wait? Start cleaning your bike today! You’ll thank yourself later!

The Air Shammy motorcycle dryer blower will reduce your detailing time by fifty to eighty percent. The blower is sturdy and weighs just 16 pounds. It works best to dry motorcycles quickly, without using extra towels. The blower can also dry your wheels. It’s easy to use and requires no special skills. You can also dry your wheels with a chamois and towels. If you’re worried about water damage, the Air Shammy blower will help you prevent it from happening again.

Metro Vac Air Force Blaster

The Metro Vac Air Force Blaster is a lightweight, 950-watt motorcycle dryer blower with an 8-amp, 120-volt motor. The unit weighs just over three pounds and comes with two nozzles. It is easy to operate with its easy-to-follow instructions. Despite its lightweight design, it doesn’t sacrifice power, and its dual nozzles can easily be changed to use on both sides of the motorcycle.

The Metro Air Force Blaster is specifically designed to dry motorcycles and offers an array of accessories to give your bike the perfect look. The 4.0-peak horsepower motor blasts air at 29,000 ft./min, which is enough to dry the bike in just five to seven minutes. Unlike other motorcycle dryers, this product is safe for both paint and chrome. The motor is designed to dry motorcycles at 80% faster than other products, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your bike’s finish.

For tough areas on your bike, you’ll want to use the Metro Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer. This powerful tool blows dry, warm air without damaging the paint or chrome. It comes with a 10′ commercial-grade hose, a heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle, and five additional blower attachments. A neoprene nozzle is a key feature, since it will protect your paint from damaging stains and oxidation.

The Metro vacuum Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer blower cuts drying time by 75 percent, and uses filtered warm air for faster drying. It takes just a few minutes to dry a motorcycle and has an easy-to-change foam filter. The machine has a 9.5 Amp twin fan motor and a heavy-duty neoprene blower. There are several advantages of this unit, and some buyers have had positive experiences with it.

The Metro Air Force Blaster Sidekick motorcycle dryer is a lightweight, portable bike dryer that packs a punch. At three pounds, it delivers 18,000 cubic feet of warm air per minute. It is portable and features a heavy-duty power cord, a neoprene nozzle, and a 14-inch power cord. It also boasts a one-year warranty.

EasyGoProducts MotoDryer

The EasyGoProducts MotoDryer blowing air cleaner is a powerful and effective tool for motorcycles and automobiles. The lightweight and easy-to-use motor is equipped with a variable-speed switch for customized performance. The blower comes with an expandable hose of 2.5 to five feet, rubber nozzles, and an extra air filter for better coverage. Designed for precision and efficiency, this blower will keep your vehicle looking fresh.

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