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How to check if your motorcycle’s brake pads need replacing?

Brake pads typically last about 20,000 miles or more, depending on your riding habits and the type of motorcycle. Brake pads need to be replaced every 20,000 kilometers or so.

You should know the right time to replace motorcycle brake pads. The ideal time to do this is when you notice that there’s at least 2mm of material left on your brake pads. Even if you don’t feel it, you may compromise your brakes’ braking power, especially during panic stops or heavy braking. Once they are worn down, they can become more vulnerable to cracks and abrasion. Check to see if the pads have any wear indicator. Some motorcycles have these so you don’t have to measure the thickness of the friction material.

How to replace brake pads of your motorcycle?

First, clean the calipers of your bike’s braking system. This task involves using brake cleaner and an old toothbrush to clean the brake parts. Remember that you should remove the rubber diaphragm and cap from the fluid reservoir, and clean them thoroughly. After cleaning the brake calipers, you should check for rust and grease on the seals and pistons. Once everything is clean, you can reattach the calipers and brake pads.

Remove the old brake pads by carefully unscrewing the caliper mounts. Unbolt the brake pads by hand, and make sure they are fully retracted. Removing the old pads will result in spilling brake fluid. Make sure to carefully drain any excess brake fluid before replacing the pads. Replace them if necessary, but remember to always use caution and be careful when working on motorcycles.

A high-pitched squeal will occur when the brake pads are clamped onto the rotors. If you notice this noise, you need to replace the pads immediately, since it could lead to a crash if metal-to-metal contact occurs. The high-pitched squeal will go away with more braking, but a grinding noise will continue to increase.

The next time you check your brakes, run your finger over the friction surface. Look for deep grooves and warping. Warping or deep grooves on the rotor could mean your brakes aren’t able to absorb the pressure. Make sure the brake pads are at least 1.5mm thick to avoid any problems. Changing them sooner is a good idea. The more they wear, the more likely they’ll need replacing.

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