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No matter how much you love your motorcycle, there’s no denying that it can be a tough way to travel. Long hours on the road in all sorts of conditions leave an adventure rider yearning for a comfortable seat. Everyone has different needs and comfort levels. For those who own and ride Harley-Davidson Sportsters, seating comfort is an absolute must. Fortunately, there are plenty of aftermarket seats available for riders who want to upgrade or replace them. This review looks at the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster.

Best Overall for Most Sportster – Mustang 76145 or Mustang 76957 

Best for Tall Riders – Mustang Wide or Mustang 76148 or Saddlemen LS

Best Solo Seat for Sportster (Most) – Mustang 76570 or Mustang 76728

Best for 2-Up (Rider+Passenger) – Mustang Fastback or XMT-MOTO

Best for Iron 883 – Mustang 76145 or Mustang 76691

Best for Iron 1200 – Mustang One-Piece or C.C.Rider

Best for 1200 Custom – Mustang 76730 or  Le Pera Bare Bones

Best for 883 Low/ Super Low – Mustang 76728 or Mustang 76730

Best for 1200 Low/ Super Low –  TCMT Pillion Cafe or XMT-MOTO

Best for 883 XL & 1200 XL – Mustang 76730 or Mustang 79379 or TTMT Solo

Best for Seventy-Two – Mustang Wide 76730 or HTTMT MT500 

Best for Forty-Eight – TCMT Pillion or C.C.Rider

Best for Nightster – Mustang 76730 or Mustang Wide Tripper

Best for Roadster –  TCMT Pillion Cafe or Mustang Tripper 76730

Best for 4.5 GAL Tank – Mustang 76150 or Mustang 76568

Best for 2.1 & 3.3 GAL Tank – Mustang Tripper or Mustang 76957

Why Need a Comfortable Seat for a Sportster

A motorcycle seat is the main connection between a rider and their bike. Thus, it needs to be comfortable to relieve fatigue during long rides and provide support when riding over rough terrain. A firm seat can give you back pain and leave you tired after just a few hours in the saddle.

If your stock Harley-Davidson Sportster seat is uncomfortable, consider replacing it with one that offers more support. A seat with a gel pad can reduce fatigue and provide long-term comfort.

Aftermarket Seats – Compatibility Issue with Sportster Bikes

Riders who wish to upgrade their stock seat with a custom-fit model need to ensure it is compatible with their bike. Harley Sportsters require a different mounting system and may not fit aftermarket seats designed for other models.

You need to ensure the new seat has the same measurements as your old one, which can be difficult because Harley-Davidson Sportster models from the 1980s through the present day have different seat pans. Luckily, a few companies offer universal aftermarket seats that can fit a variety of Harley motorcycles.

Best Sportster Seats – Most Comfortable [Even in Long Rides]

Most Comfortable Seat for Harley Sportster – Buying Facts


You need to ensure that the aftermarket seat you choose is compatible with your motorcycle. Harley-Davidson Sportster models through 2016 use different seat pans, so make sure you choose an aftermarket seat that fits your specific bike.


There are three common materials used to make motorcycle seats: gel, vinyl, and leather. Leather is considered the most durable material for riding comfort. Leather seats can last up to ten years under normal conditions. Vinyl lasts longer than gel, but both are less expensive than leather.


The baseplate is what attaches the seat to the bike’s frame. It needs to be strong enough not to break while you’re riding but flexible enough not to damage or scratch your bike’s paint job.


The seat’s cushion is one of its most important components, as it supports your weight while reducing stress on your back and hips.


A seat cover protects the cushion from dirt and sweat, leading to bacteria growth inside the seat. It also prevents damage from UV rays, fading from exposure to light, and other external factors. Most seat covers are synthetic, leather, or vinyl material that resists water damage and chemicals.


The color of your seat should complement the paint job on your motorcycle to improve its overall aesthetic appeal.

Riding Position

Your riding position determines how well you fit the new aftermarket seat. If you have a Sportster, you’ll need a seat with a wider thigh area to accommodate your legs better.

Solo or 2-Up

The number of riders in your motorcycle’s immediate vicinity determines if you need a single-rider seat or one that can hold two passengers. Some saddlebags, windshield bags, and other add-ons are designed specifically for 2-up riding positions. This is because most seats aren’t big enough to accommodate both the rider and the passenger comfortably. 


The basic aftermarket seat will cost anywhere from $100 to $350, depending on its size and materials used. However, for most comfortable units (like one from Mustang), you should be ready to spend over $350.

Best Seat Brands for Sportster

The seats listed below are the top models for Harley-Davidson Sportster. Each one provides a comfortable riding experience for long road trips and daily commutes to work.


Mustang Seats are some of the classic original Harley-Davidson seats available on the market. They have a wide range of styles and models to suit your riding preference, budget, and personal style.

You can choose between touring, cruiser, or custom seats in traditional black leather or vinyl with contrast stitching for added flair.


TCMT produces high-class motorcycle seats that meet DOT standards for use on roads throughout the United States. Their most popular product is called “Pillion Cafe.”It comes with thick foam padding, special lumbar support area for lower back pain reduction, full seat pleats to give riders more comfort around hips & thighs, an ergonomic design geared toward sport bikes rather than cruisers.

Can You Make Your Sportster Seat More Comfortable?

You can improve your motorcycle seat without having to pay for a pricey replacement. There are plenty of aftermarket cushions and pads that you can attach to your existing seat to improve comfort during long riding trips.

You can also choose from different materials that won’t overheat you on hot summer days. Leather seat covers are an excellent choice for extra comfort while also preventing your seat from getting dirty. Custom seat covers are also available if you opt to have one made for your specific ride.

Necessity of Backrest for Sportster

The need for a backrest is not as much as the necessity for a comfortable seat. However, it doesn’t hurt if you have a backrest and a comfortable seat. The difference between a backrest and a comfortable seat is that the backrest supports your lower back which gets tired after some time.

How to Remove the Seat from a Sportster?

Bolts hold the seat of a Harley Davidson’s Sportster motorcycle. These bolts attach the bottom of the seat to metal brackets on either side.

  • Take off your motorcycle’s seat cowl to access the bolts that attach the seat to your motorcycle.
  • Spin out the bolts with a ratchet and socket set until they are loose enough for you to handle by hand.
  • Lift the front of your Harley-Davidson Sportster’s seat just enough to slide its bolts out of the seat’s mounting brackets.
  • Pull the seat away from the bike and lean it against a wall or other flat surface to prevent scratches on your Sportster’s paint job.

New Sportster Seat Installation

  • If you want to replace your Harley-Davidson Sportster’s seat, first follow the same steps as above. However, do not unscrew the bolts entirely out of your motorcycle’s mounting brackets. You should leave them partially tightened since they just hold your new seat in place while you install it.
  • Slide the new seat into position and push it against the mounting brackets so that its bolts fit into place.
  • Thread the seat’s bolts back into the brackets with your fingers until they are tight enough to spin on your ratchet set.
  • Don’t forget to screw your seat cowl back onto your motorcycle before driving away for a test ride! If you have any questions about how to install your Harley-Davidson Sportster seat, consult the user’s manual or ask for assistance at a local motorcycle dealership.

Can You Have Comfortable Long Rides on a Sportster?

Yes, you can have a comfortable long ride on a Sportster. However, it all depends on the seat you have. If your seat is not good enough for a long ride, then there are plenty of aftermarket cushions and pads that attach to your existing seat to improve comfort during long riding trips.

Concluding Remarks

Sportsters are made for short and fun-filled rides, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot take it on a long ride. A comfortable seat is the first step to having a comfortable Sportster as your everyday rider. So, if you want to buy something nifty for yourself this coming holiday season, consider getting yourself a brand new aftermarket seat.

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