Is WD 40 Motorcycle Chain Good Or Bad?


If you have a motorcycle, you’ve probably heard of WD-40, and wondered whether it’s good for your chain. But what about cables, o-rings, and uncoated plastics? Is it really safe? Find out below. WD-40 is not bad for your motorcycle chain. Here’s why. WD40 is good for cables and o-rings, but bad for uncoated plastics.

WD 40 lubricates motorcycle chain

WD-40 lubricates motorcycle chains for long-lasting protection. The brand is compatible with O X Z rings and suitable for use in dry environments. In addition, it is non-toxic and suitable for all temperatures. This bike chain lubricant is suitable for all types of chain, including titanium and steel. Here are the benefits of WD-40. Read on to learn more. To ensure your chain stays lubricated for years, use the WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Lube.

When choosing a lubricant, you should choose one that is compatible with your motorcycle chain. A typical product for this purpose is WD-40 Multi-Use Product, which is a combination of synthetic and mineral oils. Kerosene and mineral spirits are also safe to use, but they should be used with caution. Kerosene and heavy naphtha are both good solvents, and they can be used to clean a motorcycle chain.

WD 40 lubricates cables

Many people think that WD-40 lubricates motorcycle chain cables. In fact, this common household solvent is not the best choice. While WD-40 works for some squeaky hinges and rusty bolts, it’s not a good choice for cables and pivot points. Instead, use a cable lubricant specifically designed for cables. If you don’t want to use an aerosol product, any light oil can work as a substitute.

WD-40 can be purchased in a wide range of price ranges. A ten-milliliter bottle will cover less than 100km of mixed riding. However, be aware that it costs twice as much as most house brand lubes and comes in a bulky metal can, which is not a sustainable option for recycling. For these reasons, it’s best to use a lubricant that you can easily recycle.

WD 40 lubricates o-rings

If you’re wondering if WD-40 can lubricate motorcycle chains, you’ve come to the right place. The water-based lubricant has a wide variety of uses and is safe to use on most motorcycle chains. It’s best used on o-ring chains and does not contain plastic components. It will provide the right amount of lubrication for your chain without drying out the o-rings and damaging them.

WD-40 works well for light-duty uses like cleaning bicycle chains. It dissolves the petroleum in grease while leaving behind the clay binders in the bearings. When dirt is trapped between these two pieces of metal, skidding and other issues can occur. WD-40 can deteriorate the bearings and cause them to rust if left unprotected. However, kerosene is thicker than diesel fuel and that’s the type of petroleum that O-rings are designed to seal against.

WD 40 lubricates uncoated plastics

WD-40 is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner and lubricant for your motorcycle chain. It is light and flings away excess oil from the chain, providing good corrosion protection and low rolling resistance. It also attracts less road grit than waxy chains, keeping the chain clean. It has two types: slick and non-slick. To choose the right one, read about the benefits of each.

WD-40 is a popular lubricant, and also serves as a moisture repellent. While it can be applied directly to uncoated plastics, it should not be used on black or uncoated plastics. This is because it will turn them grey and can damage the plastic. You should apply lubricant to the parts immediately after WD-40 has been applied. However, do not spray it into the tread surfaces.

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