How to Use a Heel Toe Shifter on Your Harley Davidson


If you’ve purchased a new bike, you’re probably wondering how to use a heel-toe shifter. In this article, we’ll cover installing the shifter, using it, and the benefits and drawbacks of using one. After all, there are some advantages and drawbacks to both, so you may want to give it a try before making a purchase.

Installing a heel-toe shifter

If you’re in the market for a new gearbox for your motorcycle, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to install a heel-toe shifter on your Harley Davidson. The answer to this question depends on your personal preferences, as some riders prefer this type of gearbox over an automatic one. While you can install a heel-toe shifter on any manual motorcycle, the benefits of this shifter are numerous.

A heel-toe shifter is an innovative type of gearshift. It works by having a second shift lever mounted behind the toe shift lever on the gear shift shaft. When the shifter is used, the rider can easily control the transmission by pressing down on the heel shift lever instead of lifting his or her foot. Installing a heel-toe shifter is a relatively simple process and will cost you some money.

Adjusting it

If you have a motorcycle and have ever noticed that you’re not shifting your gears properly, you may want to learn how to adjust the heel toe shifter on Harley – it’s easier than you think! Heel toe shifters have been around for decades, but they’re only recently gaining popularity among bikers. More aftermarket companies are now offering them, too.

To change your shift lever, first measure the distance between the pedal. For example, if you’re riding down the highway, adjust the shift lever closer to your foot. You can also adjust the shifter lever’s position by removing the springs that hold the shifter’s footrest. This is usually spring #20, so check that it’s not broken. If that doesn’t work, replace the springs, and you’ll notice a big difference.

Using it

Having difficulty shifting into neutral? You may not be alone. This common motorcycle shifting question is addressed by Ryan, a motorcycle repair expert. He explains the process for shifting into neutral and demonstrates how to fix it. To use your shifter, you should place your foot close to the shifter shaft. The shifter shaft passes through a primary housing and a secondary housing. To shift from neutral to first gear, you need to push down on the heel toe shifter lever.

Another advantage of a heel toe shifter is that it’s easier to use than a traditional toe shifter. Pressing your toes up against the shift lever is tiring, and a heel-toe shifter allows you to shift gears without scuffing your boots. Using a heel-toe shifter also saves your boots. You don’t have to shift gears with your toes, which means less fatigue on long rides. Using the heel shift lever also won’t leave enough room on the floorboards.

Disadvantages of using it

The disadvantages of using a heel toe shifter are limited to its use for riders with joint or leg pain. Most riders like to change the position of their feet on the floorboard when shifting gears. The shifter also limits the space available on the floorboard, requiring the rider to shift higher on their feet. Some riders, however, enjoy the convenience of using a heel shifter.

The primary advantage of using a heel toe shifter is comfort. While toe shifters can cause scuffs on your boots, heel toe shifters don’t. When riding long distances, you’ll have less fatigue thanks to fewer trips to the restroom. Another advantage is the lack of scuffing on your boots. These advantages are more than worth the minor drawbacks.

If you should use it

The main question of whether or not you should use a heel toe shifter on your Harley Davidson is easy to answer. Heel toe shifters are convenient and easy to use, but they also have their downsides. While they may be more convenient to use, some bike owners find them too difficult to use. It is important to know what to look for when choosing a shifter, though.

If you’re not sure if you should use a heel-to-toe shifter on your Harley, you should watch a video to see what’s required. The video will show you how to properly use the shifter and avoid damaging your boot. The Shift lever is connected to the shifter shaft, which runs through the primary housing. This housing is where the toe shifter shaft goes.

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