How to Update Harley-Davidson GPS


To update a Harley-Davidson GPS, you can use the Boom! ™ Box GTS Toolbox to transfer new maps. This requires a USB flash drive that is synced with the navigation head unit. Next, you need to select your home region map and follow the instructions on the screen. Then, you can use the Maps to GPX feature on the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system. Then, you simply need to save the GPX file to your PC.

How to create a GPX file from Google Maps

Whether you want to update your GPS on your motorcycle or are looking for a quick route to the nearest motorcycle shop, you’ll need to create a GPX file for your device. There are many ways to do this. One of the easiest ways is to use Google Maps. After logging into your account, you can copy the link to your desired route and paste it into Maps.

Next, download Google’s free Ride Planner to find the route you want to take. You can choose from several formats, but GPX will be your best bet. If you’re looking for off-road maps, Jack recommends GPSFileDepot. These sites can also help you export the GPX file from Google Maps. These files can be easily imported into Harley Davidson GPS devices.

Another option is to use a web map. Using a map service, you can download and install the latest version of Google Maps, then import the GPX file into the motorcycle’s GPS. To make sure that the GPX file you import is compatible with your Harley Davidson GPS, you should install the latest Google Maps version. Alternatively, you can download and use another free Harley Davidson GPS.

GPX files are the standard for navigation systems, but some older models cannot handle them. GPX 1.0 and GPX 1.1 files are both interchangeable. While GPX1.1 can work with all new GPS devices, older versions of these files cannot be read. Fortunately, the same procedure is the same for updating Harley Davidson GPS. This article will guide you through the process step-by-step.

How to update existing Boom! Box GTS infotainment system

For owners of 2014-and-up motorcycles, the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system is an easy way to keep the latest features in your vehicle. The new unit has a 6.5-inch touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass for protection. The unit supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and can even be retrofitted by Harley-Davidson dealers. To upgrade an existing Boom! Box GTS to Android Auto, simply connect a USB drive to the system and follow the directions that are provided on the USB stick.

In order to update your existing Boom! Box GTS infotainment system, you will need a USB key. You can use this to update your system if you have a 2014-model Harley. If you want to update an older model, you can do so using the Boom Box GTS Toolbox. This online catalogue allows you to upload your own points of interest and create backups for future use.

To upgrade your existing Boom! Box GTS infotainment system, you will need to make sure your bike’s existing Boom! Box GTS is compatible with the new system. For instance, if your bike came with a Boom Box 6.5 GT infotainment system, you can use the Boom Box GTS to replace the stock unit.

After almost two years, Harley Davidson has finally brought Android Auto compatibility to the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system. Currently, Boom! Box GTS units are compatible with Apple CarPlay, and soon the Boom! Box GTS will be Android Auto compatible as well. After that, newer Harley-Davidson models with the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system will come with Android Auto as standard.

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