How to Sell a Motorcycle Quickly and Easily


There are many important aspects to consider when selling a motorcycle. Listed below are a few things to keep in mind. When you are ready to sell your motorcycle, be prepared to do everything possible to make it as appealing as possible. Make sure to shoot some high-quality video footage of your motorcycle and have it ready for viewing before you list it for sale.

Here are some important tips for making your video stand out-

Setting a fair asking price

While selling a motorcycle, it’s important to set a fair asking price, as you’ll be attracting as many potential buyers as possible. A well-photographed motorcycle will attract buyers, and a good description will let them see what they’re getting. Include interesting facts about the bike, too. Be sure to include your contact information, as people often forget to put this down, especially when using Craigslist. Leaving your email address will also keep you from having to answer emails from buyers, who don’t always check their phones.

Listed bikes should be priced above the value they’re worth, so they must be listed above the list price. Listing your motorcycle too high will waste your listing fee and time, and will likely result in a lower asking price. Set a reasonable price, a number that will encourage the buyer to continue with the transaction. If your motorcycle is in excellent condition, you can also list it at a lower price.

People who buy used motorcycles don’t necessarily hate the sellers. They’re just looking to save money. Try to separate your emotions from the offer. Highlight the qualities of the bike that make it worth the asking price. Keep in mind that most Americans don’t need a motorcycle, so set the price high enough that you’ll receive an acceptable amount of money. If a buyer wants a cheap motorcycle, they’ll most likely be more than happy to buy a used one.

Before listing your motorcycle for sale, you should talk to potential buyers. Remember that buyers will negotiate with you. Be polite and responsive to their inquiries. The price you set should be in line with comparable bikes for sale in your area. When selling a bike, you should always remember that you never know how many people will come and go before you reach your target price. In the meantime, you should have all the paperwork ready so you can get the most money for your bike.

Taking photos

When it comes to taking photos to sell a motorcycle, you need to be sure that your photos will grab the viewer’s attention. A background that’s not too busy or cluttered will help you capture the bike’s essence. Whether it’s a road, a wall, or a set of metal shutters, a good backdrop is key to drawing attention to your motorcycle. You can also take advantage of the depth of field available by adjusting the aperture and focus of your camera to emphasize certain aspects of the bike. And last, never shoot your bike with camera shake.

A neutral density filter will limit the amount of light that enters your camera’s sensor. This filter will help reduce overexposure problems in high-sun conditions. Another thing you can do is create a shot list. A shot list should contain photos of the basic parts of the bike and also a few close-ups of details such as the gauge cluster. While these tips aren’t applicable to all motorcycles, they can help you take great photos that will help you sell a motorcycle.

When taking photos of your motorcycle, try to avoid cutting off any part of it. Try to get different perspectives and take photos of different parts of the bike, including the drivetrain. If you have a camera, use it properly and don’t use a flash. Testing photographs are an excellent way to make sure the lighting and camera are working well and that the end result is satisfactory. You may even want to take a few test shots before listing the bike.

Take as many pictures as you can of the motorcycle, but don’t over-extend yourself. A good photograph can attract the buyer to look at the motorcycle. A brightly lit motorcycle will stand out against a dark background. Alternatively, a skyline or the shape of objects in the background will draw their attention to the motorcycle. Make sure that the background is clean and free of clutter. In the end, your motorcycle will sell itself!

Filming a video

To sell a motorcycle, filming a video is a great way to connect with buyers. Film a 360-degree walkaround of your bike. Show the odometer and tire tread. Also, if possible, start the motorcycle so that viewers can see it running. It’s a great way to show potential buyers the bike’s history. A few tips for filming a motorcycle video can help you sell your motorcycle in a quick and easy way.

When filming a video, make sure to follow the same guidelines as when shooting a photo of a bike. You should use a horizontal camera to avoid black borders or backgrounds. You can use your smartphone to film your video. Make sure to use a tripod to keep the camera steady as you film. If you’re using a tripod, take a picture every so often to help it stand out.

The next step in filming a video to sell a motorcycle is to decide on a camera. If your camera doesn’t have a built-in microphone, get a stand-alone tripod. A tripod will help you to keep the camera steady. Once you’ve chosen a location, make sure to plan the shot. Sound is a big deal in a video, so it’s important to get the right sound.

Having maintenance records available

If you have any maintenance records for your motorcycle, you should keep a copy of them. Many businesses will store these records in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You can also ask your repair shop to email them to you. Service receipts will help you to craft a better sales pitch and a more detailed description of your motorcycle. These records will also help you to avoid any legal pitfalls that may arise if you sell your motorcycle.

Finding a buyer

There are several steps to follow when finding a buyer when you are selling your motorcycle. You can begin the process by ensuring that all legal documents are in place before selling. This way, you can protect yourself in case the buyer has questions. Make sure that you consider the buyer’s perspective when you are describing your motorcycle. They will want to read the description and see photos before making an offer, so be as honest as possible.

If you’re a motorcycle owner, it’s always a good idea to participate in various local events and rides. For example, you might come across a potential buyer at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally or at the local poker run. It’s a good idea to talk to other motorcycle owners at these events, as they may know someone who wants to buy your bike. If you don’t have many friends, a local dealership is a great option for a quick sale.

Another important step to follow when selling a motorcycle is to be patient. Many buyers are impatient and want to check out your motorcycle before they purchase it. Some sellers even don’t want buyers to try it out first, so be prepared to take your time. By following these steps, you can sell your motorcycle and get the money you deserve. It will take time to sell, but with the right preparation and the right platform, you can make a quick sale.

Make sure you have quality photos. The photos you post will help potential buyers make a decision on whether to purchase your bike. You don’t want to waste the buyer’s time sifting through old paperwork or ignoring questions. It will make you look more trustworthy if you know everything about your motorcycle. It’s also a good idea to have a video of your motorcycle in action. Taking a video or two can also add credibility.

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