How to Remove Rear Fender on Harley Touring?


If you’re wondering how to remove the rear fender on your Harley Touring, read this article. It will show you how to remove the license plate, turn signals, and tail light from the fender. Then, follow these simple steps to remove the rear fender on your Harley. You’ll be surprised at just how easy this task can be! Just be sure to follow these instructions carefully to avoid damaging your bike.

Getting the license plate off the fender

Whether you have a Touring or a Custom bike, the chances are you’ve had the same problem with your license plate on the rear fender. Most Harley license plates look like an oversized pizzabook, ruining the entire look of your bike. There are several ways to get that annoying plate off your bike without damaging the paint job. Here are three tips to make this task a breeze.

First, remove the license plate. It might not be easy, but if you are determined and use a small screwdriver, you can easily remove the plate without damaging the rear fender. However, if you don’t have a Phillips head screwdriver, it’s very hard to remove the plate from your bike. Another way is to use a hammer to remove the plate from the rear fender.

Getting the tail light off the fender

If you’ve ever tried to remove the tail light on your Harley touring, you know how frustrating it can be. There are many reasons why your light won’t come off, including an incompatible sub harness. However, these problems are not difficult to solve. Follow these steps to get the light off your bike. You can also check the brakes before you start the process. Once you’ve completed this step, you can move on to the next step: replacing the light.

Getting the turn signals off the fender

Getting the turn signals off your Harley touring can be a difficult task. You must unscrew the turn signal wiring from the turn lamp housing. Then, use a socket wrench to loosen the nut that holds the turn signal in place. Next, remove the license plate bracket and remove the turn signal. Be sure to level the plate. Once it is level, you can mount the new license plate bracket.

To remove the turn signal wires, locate the holes at the rear fender. Pull the turn signal wires through the small holes in the tail light housing. Push them through the holes in the tail lamp housing, making sure to push the connectors into the required prongs. Install the new turn signal brackets by hand and tighten the bolts. Then, screw the new turn signal lens and bulb into the rear fender. After removing the tail light housing, you must reconnect the negative cable to the battery box identification box. Reinstall the seat and tighten the bolts.

If the turn signal bulbs are still blinking, then you may have a faulty connection. It is a common problem with LED turn signals. Make sure that you check your alternator and battery before attempting to fix the problem. A bad alternator can cause the turn signals to not work properly, and an under-charged battery will make your signals unresponsive. Other possible causes include a burned out bulb or flasher unit. Sometimes, a faulty ground connection can also lead to unresponsive turn signals.

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