How to Read ATV Tire Size?


You need to know how to read ATV tire size to make sure that the tires are the right size for your machine. Manufacturers recommend using the original tires that came with the ATV. You can find OEM tire specs for your model online. If you don’t know how to read ATV tire size, here are some tips for you. Here are a few common mistakes that you might encounter. First, it is easy to miss the correct number.

Identifying the numbers on your ATV tires

You can identify the sizes of your ATV tires by identifying the numbers on the side of the rim. These numbers are similar to those found on car tires, and knowing them is essential for optimum performance and choosing the right set of wheels. Luckily, deciphering the numbers isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some tips:

Offset: The offset of your tires refers to how far apart they are from the mounting surface of the hub. Offset is as important as the diameter because it determines how far your wheels/tread stick out or tuck in. This can have a big impact on your riding style and on the way your vehicle handles. To ensure safety, you should choose a street-legal tire if you plan on riding on paved roads.

Identifying the width of the tire

The first step in identifying the width of your atv tire is to locate the dimensions on the sidewall. The sidewall of your atv tire has an identifying number and the two numbers are separated by dashes or “X’s.” The first number is the diameter of the tire. For example, a tire with a diameter of 215 mm is described as 26X10-12. The second number is the height of the tire, also known as the tire’s profile. These numbers are generally expressed in inches, but some are also indicated in millimeters.

A three-digit number follows each letter of the tire’s width. The letter indicates the nominal width of the tire. In order to determine the actual width, measure from the furthest point on one sidewall to the opposite sidewall. The width of your tire will be listed in millimeters, unless it says otherwise. If you’re unsure of the measurement, you’ll need to contact your dealer or a Tech Service. The number will be different if you’re changing wheels.

Identifying the diameter of the tire

Identifying the diameter of the atv tires is easy, as they are all listed in the same format: three numbers separated by ‘x’ and ‘dashes’. Generally, 25×10-12 is a size of 25 inches wide by 12 inches tall. However, it is important to note that these four numbers don’t necessarily mean the same thing. In some cases, the tires may be the same size but are of different sizes.

ATV tires are normally identified by numbers. The number of the tire refers to three measurements: the tire’s diameter (height when standing), the rim’s diameter, and the offset. The higher the aspect ratio, the wider the tire’s sidewall and profile. The higher the number, the wider the tire’s profile and sidewall. Listed below are the dimensions of an ATV tire.

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