How to Protect Yourself When Selling a Motorcycle?


Providing a bill of sale and insurance are a few ways to protect yourself when selling a motorcycle. First, make sure the motorcycle you’re selling is in working condition. Be sure to have the VIN number and insurance on hand when the sale is final. Also, make sure your motorcycle has running brakes and is insured. It doesn’t hurt to have a bill of sale to document the sale.

Make sure your motorcycle runs before selling it

If you’re planning to sell your motorcycle on eBay, make sure it runs! Putting the bike up for sale on eBay can help you generate more revenue. Besides taking pictures of your motorcycle, you should also include details about its condition, mileage, and any damages. When listing your motorcycle on eBay, it’s best to be realistic about its asking price. Remember that a potential buyer will almost certainly try to negotiate with you. Have the lowest figure in mind, and list it as “firm.”

Providing a motorcycle’s VIN

If you plan to sell your motorcycle, you should provide its VIN to potential buyers. By providing this information, buyers can verify the details and history of the motorcycle. It is safe to include the VIN on your listing. To find the VIN, you can refer to the motorcycle’s title, registration, or insurance card. When selling a motorcycle, there may be various fees involved. While most of these fees are incurred by the buyer, some may be shared by both parties.

Having a bill of sale

In addition to securing your ownership of the motorcycle, having a bill of sale is essential for avoiding legal issues. Unlike purchasing a new product, a used one may not have a clearly defined process, such as an inspection. A bill of sale protects both parties in the transaction by providing proof of ownership, especially if the transaction goes wrong. If you don’t have one, you can always create one yourself.

Having insurance

Having insurance when selling a motorcycle is vital for two reasons. First, you’ll protect yourself if a potential buyer gets into an accident. Second, it helps protect the buyer. Even if you’re not at fault for an accident, you can be held liable for damages done to the motorcycle. In the case of theft, you can claim your insurance to cover any damages. Finally, it’s a good idea to carry motorcycle insurance as collateral.

Taking photos

When selling a motorcycle, taking photos is an important aspect of the process. Buyers appreciate clear pictures and a thorough description of the motorcycle. It’s not necessary to have a fancy composition or use a high-resolution camera, but the better the pictures are, the more likely you’ll sell it. Don’t use a flash. Instead, take pictures of your bike in an uncluttered setting with no distracting objects.

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