How to Measure Motorcycle Windshield Height?


The height of a motorcycle windshield must be positioned horizontally at eye level or just slightly below. A yardstick or tape measure can be used to measure the height. For reference, the windshield height for a Ford f150 is a few inches below eye level. Here are a few simple tips to measure a motorcycle windshield:


How tall is your motorcycle windshield? To determine the height of your motorcycle windshield, use a yardstick and the headlight of the bike to guide you. Make sure the yardstick is parallel with the rake of the motorcycle’s forks. It can also be useful for determining whether your windshield is too tall or too low. The following steps will help you determine the correct windshield height for your motorcycle. Here are some helpful tips for measuring your motorcycle windshield.

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When installing a motorcycle windshield, you must first know how high your motorcycle’s windshield is. Measure the height of your headlight to the top of the windshield. This will allow you to look out through the windshield without affecting your vision. You can visit your local motorcycle dealership to learn how to measure your windshield. The helper will be able to show you the correct height for your motorcycle’s windshield. This way, you’ll get the perfect fit every time.

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To determine the correct height for your motorcycle windshield, you should measure it while you’re riding. Sit in the typical riding position and determine how much space the top of the shield will cover. Next, choose the height that will keep your head clear while you’re riding at about 20 feet above the ground. The height of the motorcycle windshield should be about two to three inches higher than the top of your passenger’s head.

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If you are looking to replace your motorcycle windshield, you need to know how tall it is. The proper measurement will depend on the type of motorcycle you have, and the make and model. Motorcycle windshields can be as tall as six inches or as low as 58 inches. A motorcycle windshield can vary in size and shape, so make sure to know the exact measurements for your bike before you purchase one. Below are some tips for measuring the windshield on your motorcycle.


If you’re about to purchase a new motorcycle windshield, you might be wondering how to measure your bike’s windshield height. There are a few easy ways to measure the height of your motorcycle windshield. First, find the top of the headlight. Then, measure down from there. This should be the height of your headlight. Once you’ve located this point, use a yardstick or a level to measure the height of the top of your windshield.

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Before you can determine which motorcycle windshield to buy, you need to measure the height of your motorcycle’s windscreen. This is not an exact science, as not every rider has the same preference. You need to sit down in your normal riding position and have a helper hold a tape measure at your headlight, with the top of the tape measure parallel to the rake of your motorcycle’s forks. Make sure that the height of the motorcycle windshield you are planning to purchase is at eye level with your headlight.

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