How to Make Motorcycle Seats More Comfortable?


If you want to improve your comfort while riding a motorcycle, there are a number of easy and affordable methods. Some are more affordable while others require more investment. If you are uncomfortable with your motorcycle seat, try these tips for an improved experience. Investing in a comfortable seat pad is a great way to start. Besides buying a seat pad, you can also add additional padding or gel inserts. Some of the options available include:

Air cell cushion

A motorcycle seat with an air cell cushion is much more comfortable than a standard bike seat. Motorcycle riders need to take rest breaks every one to two hours to allow their blood to flow properly. The extra height of a motorcycle seat can be uncomfortable or comfortable, depending on the type of riding. A good motorcycle seat cushion will prevent this restriction. Air cell pads can be quite expensive, but they are well worth the investment. Air cell cushions are made of an innovative material that allows the rider to control the amount of air inside the cell. This feature is essential because friction can cause the cushion to slide on the saddle.

Sheepskin seat pad

A sheepskin seat pad makes motorcycle seating more comfortable, because it conforms to the shape of your body and absorbs pressure. The best pad provides even distribution of pressure and prevents numbness. Gel seat pads were first used in wheelchairs and have since crossed over to the motorcycle industry. The sheepskin also regulates your body temperature, and it absorbs sweat. It also provides air circulation, so it makes your seat feel cooler.

Gel inserts

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the comfort of your motorcycle seat, gel inserts are the solution. They can be bought as aftermarket products or as OEM parts. The best motorcycle seat inserts have been tested and are recommended by motorcycle enthusiasts. Read on to learn how they work and which one is right for you. Regardless of your budget, gel inserts will make your seat much more comfortable. Unlike foam or air filled seats, gel inserts will make your seat more supportive.

Memory foam

To make a motorcycle seat more comfortable, consider using memory foam. This material has the ability to conform to the shape and contour of the seat, and the best way to incorporate it into your motorcycle is to use the foam’s adhesive. First, you’ll need to remove the seat’s old cover. To do this, remove the old foam and its staples. Next, cut the foam into two equal sections. One piece will conform to the memory foam measurements, while the other will fit snugly into the seat pan.

Aftermarket seats

Investing in new motorcycle seats can be an excellent way to avoid the dreaded numb-bum that can plague long-distance riders. The discomfort is typically caused by sitting on an uncomfortable saddle for long periods of time. Motorcycle seats are not made to provide the same comfort as a luxury car, so a seat upgrade can greatly improve your experience. A good quality seat cushion can be made of leather or other fine materials and look just as attractive.

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