How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better?


Having trouble with your motorcycle helmet? Here are some tips to help you adjust it to fit properly. Adjust the side straps and stretch the cheek pads. If necessary, add a 5mm layer to the chinstrap and side straps. If the chinstrap doesn’t fit well, resize it. Using a small screwdriver, make a hole in the side straps to tighten the straps.

Stretching cheek pads

If your helmet doesn’t fit right, you can stretch the cheek pads on your motorcycle helmet. Motorcycle helmet cheek pads are typically made of polystyrene or polypropylene foam. There are a few ways to stretch the cheek pads. The most common method involves dampening the padding so that it acts like memory foam. If you are unsure about how to stretch the cheek pads, you can use a soft basketball as a model. First, place the basketball in a deflated state and then inflated to the desired size.

Adjusting side straps

If you are having trouble fitting your motorcycle helmet, try adjusting the side straps. These straps should fit snugly and symmetrically around your head. Adjust the straps so that they are snug and meet under your ear. You should be able to shake your head without it slipping and make sure it stays in place. To adjust the straps, simply roll the rubber band to make the buckle loose or tighter.

Adding 5mm layer to cheek pads

Adding five millimeters to the cheek pads of a motorcycle helmet can make a helmet fit better and improve its comfort. You can buy motorcycle helmets with removable cheek pads, a liner, and a chin curtain. You can make the cheek pads thinner or thicker to fit your head. Many helmet manufacturers offer replacement cheek pads so you can change them when necessary.

Adding 5mm layer to chinstrap

Adding a 5mm layer to the chinstrap of a motorcycle helmet can help it fit better, and it can improve comfort. The padding is often one piece, which can feel uncomfortable to some people. Other advantages of this type of padding are a padded liner, and removable and washable cheek pads. A quick-release strap on a helmet allows paramedics to remove the helmet quickly if needed.

Stretching side straps

Motorcycle helmets are essential parts of any bike and need to fit well. The effects of time, air and heat may cause the helmet to shrink. Luckily, there are some simple ways to make your motorcycle helmet fit better. One of the simplest ways is to place a metal wire into the rubber bands on the chin strap and then loop it through four loops. This will stretch the chin strap.

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