How to Lower a Softail Harley


Lowering the rear of a Softail motorcycle is a great way to change the look of your motorcycle, and it will make it look cooler, too. If you’re not sure how to lower your Softail motorcycle, Demon’s Cycle can help you get the look you want, and you can even customize your bike with a kit! Demon’s Cycle also offers advice and custom work to keep your Harley running great.

Killer Custom Rear Shock Lowering Kit

Designed to lower the ride height of your Softail motorcycle, the Killer Custom Rear Shock Lowering System is a great way to make it lower than stock. This kit is compatible with any OEM H-D factory coil-over monoshock and includes special aluminium limiters. Installation requires special tools and instructions, but the results are well worth it. This kit will lower your bike by up to two inches.

Rear suspension is vital to the handling of your motorcycle, and lowering the rear will make the bike more responsive off the line. However, lowering the rear will decrease high-speed stability and reduce turning ability. The type of riding you do will affect the amount of suspension lowering you need. While some people may benefit from lowering the rear, some may find it too much work for their riding style.


You may be wondering how to lower a Softail Harley. You can find lowerment kits from places like Dennis Kirk. These kits can lower the motorcycle by 2 inches in the front and rear. You can choose to lower the motorcycle by a few inches or as much as two inches, depending on the desired level of lowering. Regardless of the amount of lowering you choose to do, remember that it may not be the best option for all riding conditions.

There are several benefits to lowering the rear of your Softail Harley. First, you’ll notice a difference in handling. The motorcycle will be faster off the line, but the rear will have less high-speed stability. Moreover, turning is affected as well. Hence, you should think about your riding habits before deciding on lowering the rear. If you have an active lifestyle, you might want to lower the rear a little.

If you’re looking to lower the Harley softail by 2 inches, you may want to purchase a lowering kit. You can find these kits at most motorcycle accessory shops or online. These are often made of high-quality 1045 steel and triple chrome plated. Each kit includes two adjustable lowering links and all the hardware you need to install them. If you want to lower your Softail motorcycle further, you should look for a lowering kit from VMS Racing. You’ll be happy to know that it’s made of the best materials and offers exceptional performance.

Killer Custom

If you are looking to lower the motorcycle, you may be wondering how to lower a softail Harley. Luckily, there is a solution. Killer Custom sells rear shock lowering kits that lower the bike just a few inches and still give stock tire-to-fender clearance. The lowering kit will require you to modify your original shocks, and you’ll need special tools to install it properly.

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