How to Install Harley Passing Lights?


Installing passing lamps is just as simple as installing a headlight. Even novice riders can install these lights. To install the passing lamp, first unscrew the base. Remove one side of the screw at a time. Then, pull the side taps outward and gently wiggle the plug out. Once you have unscrewed the base, remove the passing lamp plug. It should now be easily removable.

Wixtech Superspots

After purchasing your Wixtech Superspots for Harley, make sure to clean the inside of your stock passing lamp housing. You will need to remove the inner ring from the stock passing lamp and discard it. This is because the inner ring is only used to hold the thinner stock passing lamp. To install the thick LED module, the outer ring should be removed. If slicing is required, Wixtech Superspots come with an extra wiring harness. This is useful if you need to slice the passing lamp into your bike. Once you’ve removed the inner ring, simply plug the new LED module into the wiring harness inside the passing lamp housing.

Truck Lite Phase 7

If you are looking for a new headlight for your truck, consider a Truck Lite Phase 7. These LED passing lights are 7 inches long and are available in both round and rectangular shapes. These high-efficiency lights require only 1.5 amps of electricity to operate. Compared to stock headlights, these Truck Lites are 1.5 times brighter. If you’re looking for something more subtle and classy, check out the Halo Trim Rings.

The phase 7 headlamps produce a uniform white light that illuminates the road ahead as if it were daytime. Their color temperature is 5,800K, similar to the color of daytime at noon. Unlike the traditional halogen bulbs, these Truck Lites are made of non-yellowing polycarbonate, which helps minimize the amount of energy they use. The Phase 7s are available in four different models.

Wixtech Phase 7

The Wixtech Phase 7 for Harley passing lights feature advanced LED technology to lower the current draw on your motorcycle’s alternator. This enables you to use the alternator’s power for other vehicle needs. In addition, this type of headlight also draws less power from the bike’s battery, extending its life. You’ll be glad to know that the Wixtech Phase 7 will not void your motorcycle’s warranty.

Another popular brand of aftermarket lighting is the Kuryakyn Phase 7 Headlight. This model provides bright white illumination on the road ahead, similar to the color temperature of daytime at noon. In addition, its polycarbonate lens is non-yellowing, enhancing its visibility. This is a great investment if you’re concerned about safety and want to get the most out of your motorcycle’s lighting system.

Wixtech Phase 7 with extra wiring harness

Kuryakyn has developed the Phase 7 Headlight and Passing Light. This DOT approved lighting is plug and play and produces light that’s much brighter than the traditional halogen or HID bulb. This kit is designed to replace your stock light, and can also be easily upgraded to an LED Halo Trim Ring to further improve your bike’s lighting capabilities. There are many advantages to installing a Wixtech Phase 7 with extra wiring harness for your Harley.

When installing the Wixtech Superspots, the inner ring of the stock passing lamp needs to be removed. The inner ring holds the thinner stock passing lamp. The outer ring is a different size, and it is not required. You will also need to clean the passing lamp housing with a wire brush to ensure the fitting is secure. The Wixtech Phase 7 headlights come with an extra wiring harness, but you only need the harness if your bike’s original passing lamp needs slicing.

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