How to Install a Motorcycle Headlight Modulator?


There are a few things to consider before choosing the best motorcycle headlight modulator. Firstly, you must determine whether you require a high or low-power modulator. High-powered modulators require a relatively high voltage to operate, and lower-voltage modulators require a lower voltage. The following paragraphs will go over some of the best choices, as well as their pros and cons. The best motorcycle headlight modulator will be able to adjust its output from a dim light to a full-blown white light, while low-voltage devices are designed to automatically function with an alternate bulb.

Diamond Star

When installing a motorcycle headlight modulator, you should follow these steps. Start by removing the old headlight. To make the replacement easy, make sure that you have a proper tool set. You will need a Philips screwdriver, wire cutters and strippers, a 1/4″ drill bit, electrical tape, razor blade, and utility knife. Then, remove the headlight housing and mount the light sensor.

The Diamond Star Motorcycle Headlight Modulator has two levels of modulation. You can toggle between high and low beam, and use the built-in photocell to control the intensity of the pulses. It is DOT-compliant and has built-in horn wires for visual alerts. The module works with your bike’s high-beam switch. Once you install it, you can switch the motorcycle headlight between flashing and solid for 3 seconds.


A SMiDSY motorcycle headlight modulators makes changing your headlight’s intensity simple and quick. The kit includes a single connection to power the headlight relay and the modulator. It also comes with a separate wiring harness that gives you access to the motorcycle’s battery. The kit allows you to change the headlight modulation from high to low. There is a high-quality connector in each module, making the installation process less arduous.

The SMiDSY motorcycle headlight modulators can be installed in a couple of easy steps. First, you must remove the headlight bulb from the motorcycle. Then, disconnect the male connector that plugs into the bike’s electrical system. Next, you need to remove the second connector and secure it with electrical tape. After the modification, you will be able to use your headlights normally.

The Alliance of British Drivers has developed a video to explain saccadic masking. The study at the Australian National University found that drivers are already overloaded with information and sensory input. The researchers asked 76 participants to judge photographs as safe or dangerous. Then, they showed the final photograph to them, containing an unexpected object like a taxi or motorcycle. A driver will have a difficult time determining if a car is safe or not unless they see it in the right light.

Although headlight modulators are a great safety feature for motorcycle riders, they are still controversial. Some people believe that they are illegal and bad for motorcycle safety. Some even say they send the wrong message to drivers who are oncoming. But is there really any truth in all this? Fortunately, this information is outdated. The SMiDSY is safe and effective, and you should consider purchasing it to make your motorcycle safer.


A TRUCKMALL motorcycle headlight modulator is a perfect solution for a high-beam problem. The high-beam light pattern is wider than the low-beam, throwing more light to the left of the road. The modulated headlight makes the motorcycle more visible to oncoming traffic. This plug-and-play module is easy to install. However, if you have a plastic chromed headlight bucket, you must use a different installation method. To do this, strip the solid red wire of insulation, and crimp it to a light blue male disconnect terminal. Once you have secured the plug and socket, plug the module into the T-TAP that is attached to the WHITE wire of the headlight switch.

After completing this procedure, you can mount the TRUCKMALL motorcycle headlight modulator on your bike. Make sure you install it properly, since the headlights need to be attached correctly to the headlight modulator. Remember not to overtighten the screws, as this can damage the threads. Then, you can test the unit by switching on the motorcycle and seeing if it has modulated. Make sure there is enough light for the light sensor to work properly.

The LED Headlights by TRUCKMALL feature a four-projector lens design. Besides the high beam setting, you can adjust the low beam using the knob on the headlight. The two other wires will have power when the turn switch is activated. Moreover, the LED Headlights are also available with multiple rows of lower-power LEDs to protect against lamp outages. However, you need to check the compatibility of the LED Headlights with your motorcycle. Most of today’s motorcycles use H4 connectors while some older models use H13.

Kisan SM-3 turn signal canceller

If your bike has an inbuilt relay, the Kisan SM-3 turn signal cancelling motorcycle headlight modulator will replace it with a simple plug-and-play system. This unit will automatically cancel turn signals after a preset time, 10, 20, or 30 seconds, depending on your preferences. The Signalminder is plug-and-play, with no modifications needed to your motorcycle wiring harness. It features a diagnostic LED light that will warn you of any faulty installation.

The SM-3 has a nine-pin connector that is correct for both American and European Hondas. Unlike other products, it does not need a Vectra Light or Brake Light Time Out, which means it will work on your Honda. It also has many features, but there are some drawbacks, including a potentially conflicting wiring diagram. If you’re planning on installing the Kisan SM-3, check the installation guide and recheck all connections.

The Kisan SM-3 motorcycle headlight modulator replaces the flasher and allows your rear turn signals to act as running lights. The unit is easy to install and costs about $100. A full kit costs about $50 and will fit most motorcycles that are taller than 6’2″. To install the Kisan SM-3, remove the plastic mirror covers and plug in the signal modulator.

The SM-3 has a dual-channel system that activates the 4-way hazard flash function when brakes are applied. Additionally, it has automatic signal canelling. Kisan’s brake flash option allows you to flash your turn signal lamp whenever you apply your brakes. Using the brake override option, the time-out feature can be suspended until your brakes are released. The system can be programmed to activate 4 – Way Emergency Flashers and Escort mode.


With a high-quality, plug and play feature, the LED motorcycle headlight modulator is the perfect accessory for your motorcycle. This high-performance unit comes with two settings: high and low. The high beam emits 4000 lumens, while the low beam emits a dimmer 2600 lumens. The light from this LED headlight is white with a 6000K colour temperature rating, which is bright enough without blinding other motorists. The housing is made of an aluminium cast, which is water-resistant and dust-proof. The IP67 waterproof rating ensures safe use in rainy weather.

You will need a screwdriver to install the module. If your headlight bucket is plastic chrome, you will need to install the module using an alternate method. First, strip the insulation from the solid red wire. After that, crimp it with the light blue male disconnect terminal. Next, plug the crimpted wire into the T-TAP on the WHITE wire of the headlight switch.

This LED module offers 360-degree illumination. Its dual-coloured LED bulbs can be switched between white and yellow, which is useful in foggy conditions. The aluminium shell of the LED headlight bulb is also good for dissipating heat, which is an advantage for you and your bike. Another great feature is that it has an adjustable bracket, which allows for a 180-degree rotation. The illumination trait is due to the LED chip, which lasts for 50,000 hours. The heat generated by the LED chip is channelled through the aluminum housing, which is designed to prevent overheating.

While most of the LED headlights are compatible with a seven-inch headlight provision, they can also come with a one-piece wire harness and mounting bracket. The wiring is easy and secure, and the plugs are compatible with most motorbikes. You will need to check the plugs to ensure that they are compatible. The most popular connecting plug used on motorcycles is the H4 connector.

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