How to Get a Motorcycle License in Michigan?


You might wonder how to get a motorcycle license in Michigan. Well, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, so this article will answer your questions. Here, you’ll learn about getting a motorcycle endorsement, Basic Rider, Returning Rider, and CY motorcycle endorsement. Additionally, you’ll learn about getting your On-cycle skills exam waived with completion of an approved motorcycle safety course. If you are a new rider, don’t worry, the state’s SOS office can help you get a motorcycle endorsement.

Basic Rider

The Basic Rider course for motorcycle license training is an essential part of the process. It includes classroom learning, practical lessons, and written tests. The course is mandatory, and students are expected to bring a motorcycle and proof of insurance. A motorcycle must be titled and pass a safety inspection. Students must pay $50 and show proof of insurance when they take the class. Michigan residents can also get their motorcycle license by taking the online course.

Returning Rider

The return rider endorsement (ARC) allows experienced riders to continue their training without retaking the basic motorcycle skills test. It enhances a rider’s basic riding skills and helps assess their personal risk. The ARC course involves a fast-paced classroom segment and interactive activities that improve the rider’s braking and cornering skills. ARC is applicable for all types of street motorcycles. To be eligible for ARC, students must have proof of motorcycle insurance. The motorcycle should be properly titled and pass a safety inspection.

CY motorcycle endorsement

Before you can ride a motorcycle legally in Michigan, you need to get a “CY” motorcycle endorsement for your driver’s license. If you are a U.S. citizen and have lived in the state for at least 3 years, you can apply for this endorsement. There are several requirements you need to meet before you can get the endorsement. First, you need to have completed a motorcycle safety course. If you are 16 or younger, you must complete a motorcycle safety course.

On-cycle skills exam waived with completion card from approved motorcycle safety course

If you have completed an approved motorcycle safety course, you can waive the on-cycle skills examination. Applicants must provide a copy of their completion card and social security number when applying. If you are under the age of eighteen, you must submit an application for endorsement signed by a parent or legal guardian. You must also show proof of motorcycle insurance and registration. Proof of residency in Indiana is also required.

Age requirements

While you’re not required to wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle in Michigan, you do need to have a driver’s license. Without an endorsement, you may face hefty fines and legal issues. Children are allowed to ride motorcycles, and Michigan has no minimum age. The size of the child on the motorcycle is considered an exception. Teens need to be at least 16 years old and have a valid Level 2 or 3 Graduated Driver License to get a motorcycle endorsement.

Required classes

Before pursuing your license, you should take the required classes to get your MSF RCSM 2 card and M/C endorsement. Getting this endorsement can result in lower motorcycle insurance rates. Motorcycle safety courses cover the basics of riding, including how to safely manage your bike and avoid crashing. Students will also learn how to use protective gear, how to stop, turn, and shift gears. Each course also includes a written test and skills evaluation. Passing all phases of the course will waive your MLIC test.

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