How to Get a Free Motorcycle?


If you’re looking for a free motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a number of ways to get a bike of your dreams. You can list your old bike for sale, take a motorcycle safety course, or find a Harley-Davidson dealership that gives away motorcycles for free.

List a motorcycle for sale

Before you list your motorcycle for sale, be sure to check it over for any mechanical or cosmetic problems. Take as many pictures as possible and write a detailed description. It’s also important to include a VIN, a 17-character string that acts as a historical fingerprint. It reveals the make, model, and year of the motorcycle. You should also check the title to ensure it’s clear.

You can also list your motorcycle on Craigslist, which is an online marketplace. Craigslist has regional listings, so you can choose the region you want to sell your motorcycle in. Originally, motorcycle listings on Craigslist were free, but in November 2016, the site changed their policies and now charges a $5 listing fee. This is still significantly less expensive than selling on eBay or other sites, but be aware that Craigslist can be a predatory site.

Take a safety course

If you are planning to get a motorcycle, take a motorcycle safety course. It can help you get a motorcycle license for free and will save you money on insurance. The course includes classroom instruction and a practical riding portion. It can last anywhere from 15 to 20 hours. Some classes are even offered on weekends. These courses cover a variety of topics including motorcycle controls, state laws, and the rules for safe riding.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers free motorcycle safety courses at fifteen locations throughout New Jersey. Its goal is to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities by improving the safety of motorcycles on the roads. The foundation is a nonprofit organization sponsored by motorcycle manufacturers and distributors.

Find a Harley-Davidson dealership that gives away a free motorcycle

If you are in the market for a new motorcycle but cannot afford the price tag, you can find a Harley-Davidson dealership that gives away free motorcycles. Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre, Vermont, runs the Freedom for All project. The charity gives away a free motorcycle to local residents of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Northern New York. The dealership chooses recipients based on merit, and they also help recipients learn to ride.

Wilkins Harley-Davidson has been offering free sandwiches since 1947. It still offers the event Bologna Saturday every year. They also offer free motorcycle test rides.

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