How to Fix a Dent on a Motorcycle Gas Tank?


Before you begin to repair a dent, you must ensure that the motorcycle is empty. You can help the process by adding a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the dent, which will help evaporation. In some cases, an air bag will pop the dent out of the motorcycle’s gas tank. If this is not possible, you can use a pin to help push the dent out.

Disconnecting any lines that are related to the fuel system

Before you attempt to repair a dent in your motorcycle gas tank, you need to disconnect any fuel lines related to the tank. Normally, the lines leave the motorcycle’s gas tank in a over/under configuration and match the upper and lower pipes on the fuel distributor. The lower fuel line supplies pressurized fuel to the regulator and injectors, and the upper one returns low-pressure fuel to the motorcycle gas tank. Most bikes had quick-disconnects, manufactured by CPC.

Using a suction cup

If you need to remove a dent on a motorcycle gas tanks, you can use a suction cup to help you. It works well for non-structural panels of cars and light panes of glass. However, motorcycle tanks are made of thick guage, so the suction cup will not work as well for them. In addition, you might damage the paint when you try to use this technique. To pull out a dent, you will need to warm up the dent first, which will probably mess up the paint. Once you’ve heated up the dent, you can pull it out with the suction cup.

Using a pin

Using a pin to fix a small dent on a motorcycle gas tank is an effective way to remove it. You will need a pin puller. Make sure to use a non-sharp one. You will also need a piece of metal the same size as the dent to tap the dent from the rear. This will decrease the number of studs required and the risk of tearing the dent. Using a pin can work as a substitute for a stud welder.

Using a glue stick

There are several ways to remove a dent from a motorcycle gas tank, but the “ding king” method may be your best bet. Motorcycle tanks are made of strong metal, so they will stretch if they are dented. However, the method isn’t suited for small deep dents or creases. You may need to experiment and learn as you go.

Using a body shop

One way to fix a dent on a bike gas tank is to take the tank to a body shop. While a motorcycle’s gas tank is very tough to dent, you can try some DIY techniques. To remove a dent, start by taking off the gas cap. It will be harder to remove a dent when the opening is so small. Luckily, there are dent repair kits you can buy at any auto parts store or online. These kits usually include a suction dent puller and glue.

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