How to Countersteer a Motorcycle?


There are a few different techniques that can help you learn how to countersteer a motorcycle. Among them are using the steering damper and turning the handlebars in the opposite direction. In this article, you’ll learn about the basics of countersteering. You’ll also learn how to turn your motorcycle while moving at a high speed. And if you’re really looking to perfect your maneuvers, check out our video on how to countersteer a motorcycle.

Principles of countersteering

Knowing the principles of countersteering a motorcycle is crucial to enjoying winding roads safely. Moreover, this technique requires less effort than others. If you’re smaller than average, you might find countersteering a motorcycle a breakthrough technique. This article will provide you with the basic information you need to start countersteering a motorcycle. Keep reading to discover the secrets behind the technique.

Using a steering damper to countersteer a motorcycle

Counter-steering a motorcycle is an important skill to develop to improve your riding. This maneuver requires a high momentary torque to make the bike lean. The initial counter-steering input will cause the bike to lean inwards. The center of mass will accelerate outwards due to the outward force. For a left turn, you will lean to the left and vice versa.

Turning the handlebars in the opposite direction

Using the same techniques as in automobiles, countersteering a motorcycle involves turning the handlebars in the opposite direction. Its main purpose is to slow down the motorcycle by turning it to the right more than it would if it was going straight. This technique is based on the principle that a motorcycle’s front wheel will rotate to the right if the handlebars are turned to the left.

Making a turn at high speeds

If you want to enjoy winding roads without risking your life, you should learn how to countersteer a motorcycle when turning. This technique can save your hide and make the transition more precise. Here are the steps that you should take to master countersteering:

Using knees to anchor yourself to the bike

Using your knees to anchor yourself to the bike while countersteering a motorcycle is an essential skill, and it can save your life. You must always keep your bike leaning over when countersteering, as too much lean can be dangerous. Remember to never lean more than 80% while riding on the street, and leave some lean angles for emergencies.

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