How to Count Motorcycle Chain Links?


How do you count your motorcycle chain links? First, set up a maintenance stand. Set up your bike upside down so you can turn the chain. Mark the chain with a grease pen. Then, turn the chain one by one. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary. Once you’ve marked all the links, you can count the links. Remember to take out the quick link and remove the chain slack as needed.

Calculate chain length

How do you know the length of a motorcycle chain? There are several factors to consider. The length is important for a variety of reasons, including changing the sprockets or adding a swingarm extension. Here are the main considerations when deciding on a chain length:

Determine chain pitch

In order to count the chain links on your motorcycle, you must first know the chain pitch. The pitch of a chain is the distance between the centers of its pins. There are three common chain pitch measurements: four, six, and eight. For dirt bikes, the most common chain pitch is four and one-half inches. High-performance sport bikes usually have six-eighth-inch chains. Listed below are a few tips to help you count the motorcycle chain links.

Measure chain slack

You can use a variety of methods to measure the slack of your motorcycle’s chain. While the traditional way is fine, it can be cumbersome. To make it easier, you can buy a slacksetter. You can get one that is light and compact, and it is easy to use. There are two different ways to measure chain slack, one from above the swingarm and the other from below.

Disengage quick link

When counting motorcycle chain links, you can use the QuickLink method. Using the QuickLink method is not difficult – you just need to disengage the quick link and then count the number of links that are left. This method makes the chain shifting easier. Just remember to remove the used quick link and insert the new one when the chain is the right length. There are several different types of quicklinks. Here are some of the most common ones.

Measure chain length

The proper way to measure the length of a motorcycle chain depends on the type of bike you’re riding. For example, you don’t need to measure the length of your bike’s chain if you’re only replacing it for a minor problem, but you should know how long it’s going to be when you replace it. This is especially important when you’re changing the sprockets or adding a swingarm extension.

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