How to Clean a Harley Engine Case?


If you want to clean your Harley engine case without spending a fortune, there are several ways to do it. Depending on the model of your bike, you may want to apply S100 Engine Brightener, Pig Spit, Rubber seal protectant, or sandblasting. You should also apply an enamel-based sealer called Glyptal. This will seal the porous engine case walls and smooth out the castings, keeping the oil moving more efficiently.

S100 Engine Brightener

S100 Engine Brightener is a black-color restorer that dries quickly and effectively. This product is safe for use on motorcycles and is non-flammable. You can hold the bottle of S100 Engine Brightener near the black parts of your bike, or spray the entire area. The product will absorb all dirt, dust, and debris that is stuck to these components. It is important to follow the instructions carefully, as some products fade after washing.

This spray is easy to use and contains a special formula that binds to heated surfaces. Its temperature-stable formula allows it to work on hot or cold engine surfaces and has a metered spray tube for easy application. It can also be used on black-painted engine cylinders, cables, and plastic components. It can even be used to restore plastic components like the seat.

Pig Spit

You’ve probably seen photos of people using Pig Spit on Harley engine cases, but have you ever wondered if it really works? It really does, but you need to be very careful! This product is not acidic, biodegradable, and pH-controlled. It will clean all surfaces of your bike, and it will even restore fading paint. It will also prevent your bike from getting dull or damaged by chemicals, making it an ideal cleaning product for Harley owners.

Rubber seal protectant

To prevent the rubber hoses on your motorcycle engine from drying out, apply a seal protectant. You can also use a chrome polish to give your engine a high gloss shine. Remove any masking tape and plastic bags to avoid damaging the engine’s sensitive parts. Then, you can clean your engine case by gently rubbing it with a microfiber cloth. Repeat this process once a month.

This method is suitable for all models, including the ’95-’05 FXSTS, ’00-’07 FXSTDSE2, ’06-’08 FXDWG, and ’04-later XL883/1200 Custom, ’81-’08 FL Touring, and FLHX. Listed below are a few steps to clean the rubber seal protector on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.


The primary cover on your Harley is also made of aluminum, and it was factory-cast, meaning that it will look like a case when you take it out of the mold. The case will need sanding and polishing before it is ready to be plated, and bead blasting can make it look a little dull. Sandblasting is not the best choice for aluminum cases, since the metal is large and contains no dirt or pores that could be contaminated by sand.

The best sandblasting media are organic, silicate, plastic, and stone. Each has different properties that determine their effectiveness. Some media are better than others, as they have different abrasive properties. Other soft abrasives are corn cobs and walnut shells. These abrasive materials can be easier to work with, since they do not contain sharp edges or can damage the surface of the case.

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