How to Check Harley Motor Mounts


If you are wondering how to check Harley motor mounts, you’re not alone. In fact, you probably have to know some basic mechanics to do it. You can find out more in our tech tips section. Read the following sections for more information. Ensure the mounts are correctly aligned and they don’t wobble! In the process, you’ll prevent any future issues. Follow these steps to get the best alignment possible:


You can tell whether the motor mounts on your motorcycle are defective when you notice that your engine is shifting or rattling when you ride. This type of shifting is caused by the motor mounting failing due to a few reasons. First, if you ride on a slick surface, it could be an indication of motor mount failure. Another symptom is when you hear impact noises while riding. You might hear banging, clunking, or rattling. If this happens, the motor mount may be too loose and you’ll hear an unpleasant impact noise.

Another sign that your motor mounts need to be replaced is when you notice excessive vibration. This vibration is normally present between 28-3200 RPM. If you’re experiencing excessive vibration, you’ve probably installed a fake. You’ll want to check the motor mounts, especially the primary, for slack. You can get a second pair of hands to help you install them if your motorcycle’s motor mounts are not rubber.


You may have heard of Vibratechnics, a company that makes motor mounts for motorcycles. But what is it all about? How do you know if your Harley is a candidate for a motor mount upgrade? This article will explain how you can use this company’s product to fix your motorcycle. In a nutshell, Vibratechnics motor mounts are made of reinforced rubber and aluminium to reduce unwanted movement and vibrations. They are capable of providing a maximum tolerance of three millimeters. As a result, they will improve handling and performance.


You may have heard about a simple test to check your motor mounts on a Harley, but how do you do it? You must tighten the lower bolt to the specified torque. This should not be a difficult task, but you must be very careful as over-tightening can cause more problems than you would imagine. The result is a hairline crack in the top isolator, which HD deemed after the fact to be the cause.

If you are unsure of how to check your Harley’s motor mounts, you can consult your owner’s manual or the Internet for help. Harley-Davidson is a trademark of H-D U.S.A., LLC. Other trademarks or logos mentioned in this article are the property of their respective owners. Check your motor mounts before you start riding your bike to ensure the safety of your motor.


If you have a motorcycle, you probably want to know how to check Harley motor mounts. Whether they are rubber or metal, the motor will have some kind of vibration, which you can hear if you’re riding it. If you feel this vibration, chances are, your motorcycle has non-rubber mounts. You can also check the primary to see if it has slack. Depending on the garage you’re using, you’ll need different mounts.

One of the first signs that your Harley’s motor mounts are bad is impact noise. This can be a significant clunking or banging noise. It could also mean that the engine is loose. You can check for this by removing the seat and examining the seat. This can be a sign that your Harley motor mount is not securely attached to the frame. If you can feel the movement under the hood, you have a broken motor mount. You can also check for daylight shining through a broken mount.

Predator by Vibratechnics

If you want to make sure that your Harley’s motor mounts are in tip-top shape, you need to check its vibration and stability. A predator by Vibratechnics engine mount system is designed to do just that. It is especially useful for Dyna motorcycles, because the front mount on original Harley Davidson bikes is notorious for vibration, premature failure and high-speed stability problems. Vibra-Technics re-engineered the front engine mount system by moving the insulator element into the front engine bracket and coupling it with an integral lateral stabiliser system.

The Predator by Vibratechnics’ rear mount bolts are metric, and you can’t fix them on the road. However, the Predator by Vibratechnics’ rear mount is made of a compound similar to that of the FXR mount, which gives the rider a re-energizing feel at high speeds. The Vibratechnics rear mount is also slightly bulkier than the stock mount, and it is almost double as heavy as the stock one.

H-D’s rubber motor mounts

If you’re interested in improving the durability of your motorcycle, you should check out H-D’s rubber motor mounts. The new model is taller and compresses when installed, making it easier to put the back plate on. The new design also lifts the motor off of the ground, making it easier to place the plate back on the bike. And if you’re tired of adjusting your motor to get the best position, try H-D’s new rubber motor mounts.

A rubber motor mount will greatly reduce the vibrations felt by the rider, reducing the discomfort of the rider. The traditional style Harley rigid mount transmits motor movement directly into the frame, creating a constant vibration sensation for the rider. Newer Harleys counteract this by using an internal counterbalancer. However, they’re more expensive than rubber motor mounts. These issues are still very real.

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