How to Adjust Rear Shocks on a Harley Davidson Dyna


If you’ve been wondering how to adjust rear shocks on your Harley-Davidson dyna, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll show you the steps, benefits, and costs of rear shock adjustment. We’ll also go over the different shocks and the different settings, and explain the differences between them. Read on to learn how to adjust rear shocks on a Harley-Davidson.

Suspension Technologies’ lowering block and shock rod were bending

The lowering block and shock rod of my car were buckling and bending. The company I bought them from, Suspension Technologies, offered black and chrome shocks for a lower ride height. When I first installed them, they were about an inch lower than stock. The shocks were a half-inch lower than stock, but they weren’t level. I was able to lower the car a little bit, but the lowering block and shock rod were bent, and this caused my suspension to fail prematurely.

Progressive 412s’ valving makes impact dissipation more efficient

The design of the Progressive 412 shocks is simple yet durable, combining a double-wall steel body with nitrogen-charged multi-stage valving. These shocks also feature a five-position cam-style preload adjuster for a smooth ride. They can be adjusted by a C-spanner wrench. The shocks are also designed to be adjustable for the driver and passenger.

In addition to being more compliant than stock Harley-Davidson shocks, the valving of Progressive 412s makes impact dissipation more efficient. This makes them a great upgrade for stock shocks. In addition to increasing shock travel, Progressive 412s’ valving also increases the travel of the suspension, making it more comfortable to ride.

The Progressive 412 shocks are universally-fitted. They come with ample hardware for easy installation. Because they are universally-sized, you can choose the exact height for your motorcycle without having to measure. When installing the shocks, you should start by lifting the rear tire with a bike jack. Then, install the 412 shocks by bolting them into place.

Benefits of adjusting rear shocks

One of the key components of a Harley Davidson Dyna is its suspension. The rear shocks provide stability while riding, and adjusting the rear shocks can improve your bike’s handling and safety. Even though rear shocks are important, they can become misaligned, and you may have to adjust them yourself if you want to get the best ride possible. Here are some tips for adjusting the rear shocks on a Harley Davidson Dyna.

First, adjusting the ride height on your bike can improve overall handling and comfort. You can easily adjust the ride height by adjusting an adjustable eye on the shock. Remember to wear your usual biking apparel and footwear, and wear outerwear. If possible, try adjusting your rear shocks on a low-traffic road before taking it out on the street. Then, make sure that you keep notes of your settings for future reference.

Cost of adjusting rear shocks on a Harley-Davidson

If you’re looking for a way to improve your bike’s handling and comfort, adjusting the rear shocks on your Harley-Davidson Dyna might be the answer. The rear suspension provides stability and control while riding, but it may need adjusting from time to time. Here’s how to adjust your rear shocks on your Harley-Davidson Dyna without breaking the bank. You’ll be surprised how much adjusting rear shocks can improve your bike’s handling.

To adjust the rear shocks, follow these instructions: first, remove the shock. You’ll want to set the preload collar at the lowest setting. The higher the number, the firmer the shock will be. You can also adjust the preload collar to a number between two and three. The higher the number, the harder the shock should be to turn. Repeat these steps until the rear shock is set to the desired setting.

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