How to Adjust a Harley Clutch


If you’re wondering how to adjust a Harley clutch, read this article for a step-by-step guide. First, remove the clutch cable and look for slack. Next, adjust the cable to release any excess slack. When you’ve done this, you’ll be ready to test the clutch. If you feel it’s too tight, you should remove it and try again.

Adding slack to a harley clutch cable

Adding slack to your Harley clutch cable can be a simple process. Most cable-actuated clutch systems have adjustment barrels on the clutch lever mechanism that allow you to make changes to the cable tension. To begin, measure the amount of slack in the lever. The measurement may vary depending on your motorcycle, but ideally, the clutch cable should have three to five millimeters of slack.

The clutch cable adjuster mechanism is located under a cover that is accordion-shaped. This cover is positioned half way between the handlebars and frame. The cable adjuster mechanism is accessible by removing the clutch cable cover. You can locate it easily by sliding it up or down. Afterwards, slide the cover back in place and unscrew the two screws holding the clutch cable in place.

Adding slack to a harley hydraulic clutch cable

Adding slack to a Harley hydraulic clutch cable is easy, but it can be tricky. To adjust the tension, turn the barrel adjuster slightly tighter to add more slack and less tension to the cable. Make sure the cable has free play by measuring the amount of cable free play using a tape measure or vernier caliper. Once you have adjusted the cable to the correct tension, you can reattach the lever.

Adding slack to a Harley hydraulic clutch cable will remove a lot of tension from the clutch cable, which will reduce the amount of resistance to the lever. Once the slack is removed, the cable housing will collapse, which will remove some of the tension in the cable. Now you can start applying more slack to the cable. The lever should move easily and the clutch should no longer slip.

Removing slack from a harley hydraulic clutch cable

To remove slack from a Harley hydraulic clutch cable, begin by removing the Derby cover. Next, slide the clutch lever toward full extension. If there is any resistance, adjust the clutch cable by loosening the jam nut. After adjusting the cable, tighten the clutch. Reinstall the clutch cover and test it to make sure it is working properly. Remove any slack that you notice.

In order to adjust the hydraulic clutch cable, you need to locate the cover of the adjuster mechanism. The cover is an accordion-shaped piece of rubber that rests about half way between the frame and handlebars. To access the adjuster mechanism, slide the cover up or down. The adjuster mechanism is accessible by sliding the cover. If you’re working on a Harley, this is a simple job.

Checking for slack in a harley clutch cable

If you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you may be looking for a way to check for slack in the clutch cable. This cable is prone to pulling or shifting when it is not tightened properly. If you have a hydraulic clutch, this problem doesn’t arise. A hydraulic clutch will self-adjust with the proper fluid levels. Check the master cylinder to see if your bike is equipped with a hydraulic clutch system.

If you notice slack in the clutch cable, first check whether it has any damage on the outside. If the outer conduit is fine, but the inner wire has frayed wires, it’s most likely the clutch cable needs to be replaced. However, if you notice any other issues with the clutch lever, brake, or throttle cable, you may have a problem with the brake or throttle cables as well.

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