How Much is an 06 Harley Fatboy Worth?


If you’re wondering how much an 06 Harley Fatboy is worth, here are some factors that you need to consider. These features include the 114ci Milwaukee-Eight V-Twin engine, solid-cast disc wheels, and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a cruising bike, a daily commuter, or a weekend ride, this bike has it all. Listed below are some of the factors to consider when determining the value of a bike.

114ci Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine

You might be wondering why you should install a 114ci Milwaukee-Eight V twin engine in an 06 Harley Fatboy. Well, first, it’s not because you’re going to be in a racing competition, but rather because Harley-Davidson decided to go the retro route. The 114ci Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine is designed to reduce the amount of head buffeting. It also helps to keep the bike’s weight down, thanks to the steel frame. The new steel frame also makes the bike stiffer and lighter, and the 114ci Milwaukee-Eight V-twin engine is mounted rigidly to the chassis.

Another improvement to the bike is the larger-displacement 114ci Milwaukee-Eight V twin engine. This engine features dual counterbalancers to eliminate primary vibration, and is solidly mounted in the frame. This engine also propels the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy from 0-60 mph nine percent faster and from 60-80 mph in fifth gear by 13 percent.

Solid-cast disc wheels

The sound of solid-cast disc wheels on an 06 Harley Fat Boy can be intimidating. They remind some bikers of the solid-cast disc wheels used on Boeing B-29 bombers. The fat boy’s low, wide stance has become an iconic part of its aesthetic. The fat disc wheels add a touch of windage and pressure waves to the Fat’s otherwise smooth and simple design.

The gearbox on the Fat Boy began as a 5-speed unit, but later became a 6-speed unit. This extra gear is intended to cut down the revs to almost nothing. The frame of the Fat Boy is based on the 1984 Harley Softail, which emulated a rigid chassis by mounting hidden springs under the front forks. The concept dates back to the mid-1970s.

Rumble of the exhaust

The rumble of an exhaust system on an 06 Harley Fatboy is one of the most striking features of the bike. Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Victory all make motorcycles with a unique sound. Whether you opt for the stock Harley silencers or the high-performance pipes, the Rumble of an exhaust system on a Harley-Davidson will definitely enhance the appearance of your bike. The sound of a Harley’s exhaust is incomparable, so you won’t have to compromise on the quality.

The stock Harley Fat Boy offers a pleasant rumble when ridden with stock pipes. The oil and air-cooled engine produces a roar that is noticeable even at low RPMs. You can also increase the volume and pitch of the rumble by installing an optional exhaust system. The rumble of an exhaust is a good indicator of the bike’s overall performance. The Rumble of an exhaust system on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is one of the key features that can attract new owners to the bike.


The Harley Fat Boy is a classic, powerful motorcycle that has become a staple of American roadways since its introduction in 1962. Its 103cc Twin Cam engine and six-speed Cruise DriveA(r) transmission provide ample power for passing and hill-climbing. Its large floorboards are large enough for Big Foot boots. The bike is equipped with a traditional carburetor and a counterbalanced Twin Cam 88B engine for maximum performance.

The 2006 Harley Fat Boy got its last V-twin upgrade, a six-speed gearbox. Later, the bike received two new Milwaukee Eight counterbalanced engines. The FLFB models boast a 1,746cc unit, while the FLFBS variants feature a 1,868cc unit. The 2021 Fat Boy, released to celebrate its 30th anniversary, still has the genetic mark of the classic Harley but has been updated and refreshed to appeal to a new generation of riders.


The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy is a powerful motorcycle with a powerful eighty-eight-cubic-inch Twin Cam engine. These bikes feature a six-speed Cruise DriveA(r) transmission, which provides more power for passing and hill-climbing. The wide tires and solid disc wheels complete the look. Custom color schemes are also available, and the bike’s unique V-Twin engine and carburetors make it a true American classic.

The Fat Boy was first sold to the public in 2000. The original motorcycle had been tested by Willie G. in 1988 and repeated that trip to Daytona the following year. The company hasn’t changed much from the design, but they have made a number of changes. In 2010, Harley introduced the Fat Boy Lo, a model with a lower stance and darker hues. The fat Boy was updated a few years later with LED forward lighting and a digital inset for odometer and tripmeter readings.

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