How Much Does a Harley Davidson Weigh?


If you’re looking for information on how much does a Harley weigh, this article will provide you with some excellent resources. These include YouTube videos, the official manufacturer’s website, and the Electra Glide Ultra Classic. We’ll also talk about the weight of other models, such as the Pan America 1250 Special. Ultimately, the weight of a Harley is up to you, but it’s good to know how much a bike weighs before you buy one.

Electra Glide Ultra Classic

The Electra Glide Ultra Classic is the entry-level model in the full dresser lineup from Harley-Davidson. For the 2017 model year, Harley-Davidson has made several improvements to the Electra Glide Ultra Classic. A new suspension system reduces heat for better comfort, while an all-new Milwaukee-Eight engine provides 111.4 horsepower and 102 pounds of torque. It comes with a six-speed transmission and an H-D infotainment system.

The seat height on the Electra Glide Ultra Classic is 780 mm (30.7) inches, and the bike weighs approximately 265 pounds. The Electra Glide features six gears and six speeds, and the seat is lowered to improve comfort. The bike is also notably lighter than the Street Glide and weighs around 810 pounds (when running). New riders will appreciate the smooth ride and standard fairing and audio system, as well as the low seat.

The Electra Glide Ultra Classic has a redesigned exhaust. The new model also boasts a bigger luggage capacity than its predecessor. Despite its weight, it offers good highway ride quality. This classic Harley is more maneuverable and has more luggage space. But the Electra Glide Ultra Classic weighs more, which means it has to be more expensive.

Among the Harley motorcycles available, the Electra Glide Ultra Classic is the heaviest one, weighing about 400kg. Its dry weight is 881.8 pounds and has a V2, four-stroke motor. As for the heaviest one, the Harley Road Glide Ultra weighs 425kg, which is almost the same weight as a super-sized Porsche 909 Bergspyder, which had eight cylinders and 275bhp.

Compared to other motorcycles, the Electra Glide Ultra has a taller windscreen. Its windscreen obstructs the rider’s line of sight. Its high windshield is not too tall, but it is still tall enough for short riders. It’s also available with adjustable wind deflectors and vents. It’s a great choice for riders who prefer wind protection over safety.

Electra Glide Pan America 1250 Special

The Electra Glide Pan America weighs 258kg (wet). The Pan American has an electronic suspension with Ohlins steering damper for improved handling and weight transfer when braking. This bike also uses Harley-developed Michelin Scorcher Adventure tubeless tyres for excellent traction and stability. It also has a front disc brake with stiff feel, and a weight transfer system.

The Harley-Davidson Pan America is a completely new platform, with a brand-new engine. The Revolution Max V-Twin engine is a thoroughly modern design. It shares its bore and stroke with the V-Rod Revolution, but it features a totally different architecture. The bike also packs 150 horsepower. It weighs 220 pounds (wet), so expect it to be a little heavier than its predecessor.

Adaptive Ride Height is an optional feature. This system automatically lowers the bike’s ride height by 1-2 inches when it’s at a stop, then rises back up once it’s moving. The Pan America’s ride height can also be disabled, or set for a short or long delay. The Pan America also has Bluetooth connectivity. The Pan America weighs:

Besides the Arc Adaptive Ride Height system, the Harley-Davidson Pan America features a steering damper, an aluminum skid plate, and crash bars. It also comes with heated handgrips, a center stand, and an adjustable rear brake lever. This feature comes only on the Special model, while the Standard version costs PS1365.

The suspension on the Electra Glide Pan America model uses Showa fork and rear cushion with 47mm of semi-active suspension. This technology utilizes sensors in the motorcycle to electronically adjust the damping and rear preload. Using the Vehicle Loading Control system, it senses rider weight and lowers ride height to maintain optimal comfort. The rear preload adjusts automatically to meet rider weight.

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