How Fast Do Motorcycle Racers Go?


Motorcycle racers typically go 80 to 165 mph. But what makes them go so fast? Let’s take a look at some of the history and technology behind the sport. A 1951 world championship winning Norton 30M raced to 135 mph with 40 horsepower and a 500cc single. Today, top speeds and horsepower have increased by more than sixfold and are linked to aerodynamics. What does this mean for you?

Average motorcycles can go as fast as 80-165 mph

The top speed of a motorcycle depends on its type and displacement. Motorcycles of this size can go anywhere from 80-165 mph, but top speeds are often lower. Those of this size are considered cruisers or sports motorcycles, while the fastest 800cc bikes can hit up to 220 mph. While the top speed of motorcycles may vary, it’s not uncommon for them to reach up to 158 mph, depending on horsepower and torque.

Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso

The Italian has made a solid start to his Ducati career. After the team reworked the GP14, Dovizioso took advantage of this change and improved his performance. Ducati also granted him a few technical concessions, which Dovizioso took full advantage of. He dominated the MotoGP series last year, winning two podiums and establishing himself as one of the best riders on the team.

Ducati’s hole-shot device

Ducati has become aggressive with holeshot devices. In 2019, the manufacturer debuted its first hole-shot device, which lowers the motorcycle’s centre of gravity, improving acceleration. In the same year, Jack Miller began testing prototypes of a device that lowers the motorcycle’s rear ride height. The company is expected to roll out the hole-shot device to all of its racers for 2020.

Ducati’s GP21

Ducati’s GP21 motorcycle race teams continue their trend of breaking with traditional racing bike architecture. Its new design features an even more angular silhouette than its predecessors. With a new engine, chassis updates, new aero, and updated tyres, the GP21 motorcycle racers are poised to dominate the class in 2022. But will they be successful?

Ducati’s Desmosedici GP21

For the 2005 MotoGP season, Ducati’s Desmosedici is lining up alongside two of the world’s top riders. In 2002, the Desmosedici was introduced for the first time at Mugello, and was used in the entire season. The bike’s development was closely monitored by Vittoriano Guareschi, a test rider for Ducati Corse. Eventually, the Desmosedici was used by Casey Stoner in the MotoGP World Championship, where it won two races and a podium.

Yamaha’s NSR500

The Honda NSR500 motorcycle racer debuted in the 500cc Grand Prix class in 1984. Its twin-crank engine has a distinctive deep exhaust note and was considered a technological marvel. Its success is testament to the power and responsiveness of the 500cc two-stroke V4 engine developed by Honda. The NSR500 is arguably the most successful motorcycle racer in modern Grand Prix motorcycle racing.

Honda’s NSR500

Honda’s NSR500 motorcycle racer is one of the most iconic racing machines in history. It was a world championship-winning machine in 1989 and became the most successful premier-class Grand Prix machine for a decade. In total, 132 races were won with the NSR500, and many of them were won by American riders Eddie Lawson and Mick Doohan. In 1989, Lawson won four Grands Prix and was crowned the world champion.

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