How do you make a blue motorcycle?


There are a couple of rules to remember when making Blue Motorcycle. First, you should never mix fizzy soda with alcohol in a blender. It can end in a minor explosion. You should use a blender only for the spirits, and add Sprite or 7Up after the spirits have been mixed. In case you’re not sure, here are some helpful tips. Also, be sure to check out our history section for more information.


A Blue Motorcycle cocktail, also known as an Arizona Mojo, is a classic American cocktail. The drink is mostly popular on the East Coast, although it is also popular in Arizona. Making a Blue Motorcycle cocktail is not difficult, and takes about 10 minutes to prepare. Mix the ingredients together, allowing about 2 minutes for prep and 5 minutes for cooking. There is no specific type of vodka needed, since it adds alcoholic volume, not flavor.


When you make a Blue Motorcycle, you are mixing up an alcohol and sugar bomb. The recipe contains 22% alcohol, or five times more alcohol than an average beer bottle. This cocktail should not be over-consumed, and you should switch to lighter drinks after drinking just a few glasses. But if you must, here are some tips to make a perfect Blue Motorcycle:


If you’ve ever had a blue motorcycle drink, you’re probably wondering how to make a blue motorcycle from straw. While it sounds like a fun drink, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, don’t use a blender to make the drink. If you do, you risk a small explosion! The best way to make a Blue Motorcycle is by adding the alcohol first, and then adding Sprite or 7Up.


The history of a Blue Motorcycle cocktail is a bit obscure, but it is definitely interesting. The drink is not actually from America, but is believed to have been invented in the 1970s in Long Island, New York. The drink was initially intended as a refreshing variant of Long Island Iced Tea, and became widely popular in bars, restaurants, and nightclubs across North America and Europe. The drink achieved its peak popularity in the mid-2010s, when a new generation of young adults discovered the drink’s delicious taste and convenience.

Adding sweet and sour mix

To add a little extra something to a Blue Motorcycle, add some lemon or lime juice. Lemon and lime juices bring out the citrus notes. Lemon is often the preferred topping, but it is optional. Some bartenders add mint, sage, or a squeeze of fresh orange. If you’re feeling a little creative, add some ice, too! You’ll be glad you did when your guests start guzzling the Blue Motorcycle!

Adding tequila

Adding tequila to make this drink is an easy and enjoyable way to improve your bartending skills. The blue motorcycle cocktail is incredibly customizable and allows for a huge margin of error. Even if you mess up the proportions, people will not be able to tell. The blue motorcycle’s ingredients are not critical to its taste, and you can play around with them to make the drink your own.

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