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A Harley wheel interchange chart is a handy reference that will help you to determine what size wheels you need for your bike. This document has the specifications for all Harley wheel models. This includes touring models as well. You can’t just pick up any old motorcycle tire and fit it, you need to know the exact size for your motorcycle. Before buying a wheel, read the specifications to make sure you’re getting the right one.

MT90 – 16 Load Range B

To determine what size of motorcycle tire fits your MT90 – 16 Load range B, you’ll need to know the inside diameter of your rims. Motorcycle tires are usually measured in inches. While this chart may seem complicated, it is a great way to determine which type of motorcycle tire you need. Listed below is a wheel interchange chart that can help you determine what size tires you’ll need to replace your old ones.

The MT90-16 and MT90-17 are the same size, but they are represented differently in the wheel interchange chart. MT stands for motorcycle use, while T stands for tire width code. MT90 stands for rim diameter, and the 16 indicates a 16-inch load range. Both sizes are interchangeable, but the differences aren’t as great as you may think.

MT90 – 16 Load Range C

The MT90 – 16 Load range C Harley wheel interchange chart indicates that a motorcycle’s tire size is 130/90, not MT90A. While the two tire sizes are the same, the numerator of the size indicates the width of the tread. Manufacturers vary on tread width and curvature. However, the MT90A tire is wider and therefore more suitable for Harley-Davidson models.

In order to install the correct tires, you will need to know the width of your motorcycle tires. The width is measured from sidewall to sidewall, and corresponds to the tread that contacts the road. All four tires must be of the same width. In addition, the aspect ratio of a tire is expressed as 90, which means the sidewall height is 90 percent of its width.

Despite the similarities between motorcycle tires, it’s important to know the difference between the two. MT90 – 16 Load Range C tires fit on 16-inch Harley wheels. While the MT90 – 16 Load Range C Harley wheel interchange chart may seem confusing, it is essential for motorcycle owners to understand how the two different sizes correspond. By following the MT90 – 16 Load Range C Harley wheel interchange chart, you’ll know exactly what tire size you need for your motorcycle.

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