What You Should Know About Motorcycle Radios?


Radios on motorcycles are very handy for communicating with other riders. While most motorcycles are relatively quiet, some are louder than others. Touring bikes typically have radios, and while the sound is good, they are not waterproof. Here’s what you should know about motorcycle radios. If you’re interested in purchasing a motorcycle with a radio, read on. You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to keep the radios in a waterproof bag.

Touring bikes usually have radios

Touring bikes are usually equipped with radios. They often feature two to five channels of audio, as well as a CD player. Some models even include volume controls on the handlebars. While early touring bikes used fairing mounted speakers, these were unreliable at high speeds and could cause additional wiring. In addition, ear phones were uncomfortable and difficult to use, and they had poor audio quality. Most touring bikes came with at least one speaker, though Harley Tour-Paks have a larger sound.

They can help you communicate with other motorcycles

Two-way motorcycle radios can make communicating with other motorists much easier. Bluetooth technology is a great option for motorcycle radios, as it doesn’t require any physical connections. Most motorcycle radios work by pairing with Bluetooth devices, which means they can switch between two different motorcycles and have two-way conversations. Bluetooth range varies, though, depending on the device and its distance from other motorcycles. Bluetooth systems typically work within 100 feet, although trees and cars can limit this range.

They provide good sound

You can purchase various types of motorcycle radios to make your ride comfortable. The GoHawk motorcycle radio, for example, is made of chrome finish and possesses a 3-inch aluminum body. It is compatible with various audio devices, including USB and SD cards. Its inbuilt amplifier ensures crystal-clear sound quality. This unit features a waterproof cover and comes with volume control and power buttons. However, the wires are short and could use some improvement.

They are not waterproof

If you own a motorcycle, you’ve probably wondered if your radio will work in water. There are plenty of waterproof devices, but most don’t offer a lot of functionality. Luckily, some newer models are water-resistant and waterproof, which means you can leave them out in wet conditions and still use them. If you live in a dry climate, however, you should consider a two-way radio with short or medium range.

They can damage your hearing

You’ve probably heard that riding a motorcycle can damage your hearing, but what about when you’re driving down the road and using your radio? The truth is that listening to loud sounds for extended periods can cause permanent damage. Motorcycle radios are louder than most cars, but they’re still not quiet enough to completely prevent hearing damage. While the sound of motorcycling itself is loud enough, adding music to the mix increases the stress on your ears. Most people don’t realize that the music they’re listening to on their motorcycle is excessively loud – but the reality is that riding can damage your hearing. Heartsmart says that listening to sound pressure of over 100 decibels for 30 minutes is enough to damage your hearing.

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