Do Electric Motorcycles Have Gears?


Do electric motorcycles have gears? The answer to both of those questions depends on the type of motor you choose. A piston engine has a limited power range, so gears are necessary to match that power range to the speed you choose to go. Electric motorcycles do not have gears, but do have a belt drive that directs torque from the motor to the rear wheel. This means that there is no “park” or “neutral” button, and you may need wheel chocks to safely park your bike.


The new line of Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles has gears, unlike their gas-powered counterparts. They have a number of gears and a clutch, so you can ride at a higher speed. But you can still use your pedals to accelerate. The gears will keep the bike moving even if the rider slows down. Harley-Davidson has been building motorcycles since 1903. Though the brand is one of the most traditional, they have been one of the first to jump into the electric age. Their electric motorcycle, known as the Harley LiveWire, has been in development since 2014. With fewer moving parts, it is expected to be a quality build.


Although it is not clear when Kawasaki will release their fully electric motorcycles, the company has released two videos highlighting its plans. The first video features the motorcycle’s electric motor, while the second shows the bike racing around a track. In both videos, gears are clearly visible and there is a quickshifter. The Kawasaki electric motorcycle also shows a chain final drive. Though Kawasaki has not yet announced a release date, the company says it will release three hybrid models in 2022.


When you’re shopping for an electric motorcycle, you’ll likely wonder what gears they have. Horwin has a new electric motorcycle in the CR6 range that offers 65 miles of range on a single charge. This bike also comes with a dynamic charging process that gives you 18 miles of range from just 20 minutes of charging. This technology ensures a long battery life and a smooth power delivery.


Like other electric motorcycles, Sondors’ eBikes have pedals, but unlike most other models, they’re cheaper. The company sold out of its first batch of eBikes for $7,000 AUD each, and since demand has been so high, they have reopened orders for 2022. While the company expects to ship the bikes in October 2021, they’ve experienced some delays in shipping in the past.

Kawasaki LiveWire

The new Kawasaki LiveWire electric motorcycle isn’t your typical cruiser bike. It has a unique riding position resembling the Ducati Monster. You’ll ride upright, with your foot rests positioned just below the standard position, a rider who’s not used to riding naked might find this unusual. It might even make you wonder whether or not you’ll be riding naked!

Kawasaki CR6

The Kawasaki CR6 electric motorcycle has three modes – cruising, sport, and city. Both the CR6 Pro have gears for varying levels of speed. They also feature a digital cockpit display and LED lighting. The CR6 has a range of up to 150 kilometers and the CR6 Pro can go up to 130 kilometers (70 miles) in a single charge. It has a seat height of 815mm and a payload of up to 170 kilograms.

Horwin CR6 Pro

The Horwin CR6 Pro is an electric motorcycle with gears. It is the first fully electric motorcycle in the world. The electric motor has a 65-mile range and it charges in three hours. Its headlights have the power of 28,000 candles and use less energy than a halogen bulb. The light output is superior and the LED headlights have a flexible technology.

Horwin CR6

The HORWIN CR6 electric motorcycle has gears and a clock. The clock shows speed, trip distance, and battery status. The motor produces 30lb-ft of torque, which is sufficient for city riding. Owners have given the bike high ratings in several categories. Read on for more details. Read on for a review of the bike. The Horwin CR6 has the latest technology and features.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

For a bike that costs close to $30k, the LiveWire is the first of its kind to offer gears. But the range isn’t terribly impressive. Hardcore Harley riders have turned their noses up at the idea of electrified hogs. What does it take to get from 0 to 60 mph in three seconds? Here are three things to know about this revolutionary electric bike.

Kawasaki Lightning LS-218

While the Yamaha Lightning doesn’t have gears, it is a true electric bike. Its electric motor is a single speed with no clutch and a gentle power delivery that gets the bike rolling. While it’s not the smoothest electric bike on the market, it is disarmingly smooth. One of the best things about it is that you’ll never experience a flat spot or unwanted leap in power delivery. There’s also no drivetrain snatch. You just use the throttle as you would with any other bike.

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