Do ATVs and UTVs Have Titles?


Do ATVs and UTVs have titles? Titles are the legal form of ownership for ATVs and UTVs. In years past, some of these vehicles didn’t come with titles, but a bill of sale will document the ownership. Nevertheless, a title is not a must if you plan to take your new machine to the track. So, why do ATVs and UTVs need titles?


If you own an ATV in Texas, you can get a title for it. You can get a title for your ATV or UTV from the county tax assessor/collector’s office. If you’re driving your ATV on public roads, you must obtain an OHV registration decal as well. While you don’t have to register your ATV in Texas, it’s a good idea to have a title for it anyway. If you’re buying an ATV from a person who doesn’t have a Texas license, then you’re at a greater risk of having your vehicle stolen.

ATVs are legal in Tennessee, but they are subject to conditional requirements for street use. Unlike UTVs, ATVs can’t be driven on public roads unless they’re used for agricultural purposes, or they’re crossing a street to enter a designated ATV area. Purchasing a Texas atv title is a smart way to get legal ownership of your vehicle. You’ll be able to get an ATV title in no time!


In Michigan, residents who purchase an ATV or UTV must obtain a Michigan atv title. However, this requirement does not apply to non-residents. In order to legally drive an off-road vehicle on public land, a Michigan atv title is necessary. The title contains important information you need to apply for a title. This article will explain what the process involves. Here are some common mistakes to avoid. Before applying for a Michigan atv title, consider the following facts:

First, you must know the definition of an ORV. By law, an ORV is an off-road vehicle, such as a motorcycle, ATV, or an amphibious vehicle. The Off-Road Vehicle Act defines this type of vehicle as an ORV. You can explore the Michigan countryside on an ORV by following the Gladwin ORV Scramble Area, a moderately-difficult 80-mile trail. Enjoy views of wildlife and scenery along the way. This trail is best used from April to September.

New York

Did you know that ATVs and UTVs have titles? If not, you may be surprised to know that the state Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for issuing these titles. Each state has slightly different laws and procedures. Regardless, you will need to notify the DMV when selling a vehicle. If you’re buying or selling an ATV, make sure to follow these guidelines. There are several steps involved in the process.

You will also need to register the ATV in New York. This can be done by submitting the appropriate forms, or requesting an ATV registration from the DMV. You must complete the “Vehicle Registration/Title Application” (form MV-82).


Unlike in many states, Virginia does not require the registration of ATVs. All you need to do is complete an Application for Certificate of Title and Registration and bring a bill of sale when you apply. Otherwise, you can mail your paperwork to the Virginia DMV, PO Box 27412, Richmond, VA, 23233. To get a Virginia ATV title, you must own the ATV for two years or more. If you have never registered an ATV before, you can do so by contacting your local DMV office.

In Virginia, the State Code does not require ATVs to be registered as street legal vehicles. By law, motorcycles and autocycles must have at least three wheels. All-terrain vehicles must be titled. In Virginia, the state code also states that all-terrain vehicles must have a top speed of 20 miles or 25 miles per hour. Additionally, all-terrain vehicles cannot exceed 25 mph or be operated in a city.

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