Ceramic vs Metallic Brake Pads

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The difference between ceramic and metallic brake pads comes down to the materials that make them. Metallic brake pads are made from metals that have been sintered into powder form, such as steel, copper, or iron. The ceramic ones are composed of ceramic fibers embedded with metal fibers. Semi-metallic brake pads use copper alloys with high amounts of tin or zinc. While ceramic brake pads last much longer, they do not last nearly as long as metallic ones.

Although ceramic brake pads produce less brake dust, they take a longer time to heat up. They push the heat away from your brake calipers and rotors, making them less suitable for extreme braking. They may also lead to premature wear of other brake parts, including suspension bushings, in your car. For these reasons, ceramic brake pads are less ideal for heavy braking. If you drive a car on a regular basis, you may want to get metallic pads.

While the benefits of metallic and ceramic pads are quite similar, their applications differ. When choosing between metallic and ceramic brake pads, it is important to understand the function of each material. Each material is better for certain types of applications. If you don’t have time to do your research, simply use Google to find brake pads for your vehicle.

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